Monday, April 19, 2010

Mesa Verde Control Booth

Look at these two crappy shots! They were all I had when Horizons closed and, like I've said before, who would want to go on living if this was the only record of this scene? Not me.

The girl however looks better in these older shots for some reason.


In the future we will have no need for Plasma, LCD, or HD. Mankind will actually revert back to TV tube technology. It's true. The Orion Company will lead the global market and produce these monitors from corn based plastics.

SEE! Here are three of the four Orion computers at work in the control booth. Sell your Apple stock NOW! Box up your HD flat and mail it to Hoot and Chief at once! I'm serious because in 2083 you're going to look very uncool:(

They have printers in the future too. They got tired of not having a hard copy of images so a printer rebirth began.
Seriously though, here I go again praising the level of detail in this attraction. Simply amazing.

"Average Front Range 4200. Moderate Temp".

I loved Horizons.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cool Buses

Here is another clip from the Chief cam. We are behind the Mesa Verde Grove once again, and I film the awesome backdrop painting with its 'Cool Buses', heh! In this one I have the camera light on a bit more, so you get a somewhat better look at the space underneath and behind the grove. Yet you get to hear me bitching again about how the light eats up the rear battery on my camera so fast. I catch Hoot in the act of setting up his camera to capture our first cool 'In The Grove' shot we posted about last year.

Then I get some video of the awesome 'Orange Machine', hehe. And I had seen the name on the side of the thing probably a dozen times or more by this point, you would think I could remember its proper name. :)

Then I get a shot of the Nova Cite backdrop painting and test our spy area that we would use sometimes to look for empty cars. And at the end of me filming that you get to see Hoot setting up his camera to film that same spot, which we posted footage of last year as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey, folks! Remember my dear Sunnycide Gibson? Well, she was inspired by Farming of the Future (not the horrible shit in "Food Inc") and has decided to teach us all about Organic Future Farming. I really like this because all along I thought she wasn't paying attention while riding Horizons.....but yes! She made great points like "The Future Farm is family run! It's not a huge corporate mess!" She's right.

She just started this blog last night so give it time.

So far I've only seen fan art here. Sunnycide is going to put actual Horizons ideals to use. She'll match the Nova Cite garden porch I guarantee it.

Follow her blog. Trust me.