Thursday, August 27, 2009

I made something

Chief and I wanted a hot version of the Desert Farm chick as our mascot. I thought I'd try my hand at it and it evolved into a shirt design. Presenting the Official Mesa Verde Times shop of Tomorrow!

The Foyer

Remember how tranquile this area was? The music kicked in, your eyes adjusted, you could see your own legs in the mirror, Hoot and Chief could see your legs telling them it was time to ride.......

Thank You

I'd like to thank our new friends for the kind words and I hope you enjoy this thing called "Mesa Verde Times".

There have been some new questions as to how and why did this. For the new people, just start at the beginning and read on.

10+ years ago when we did this we had NO idea that someday we would share it all and that so many people would enjoy it. This has been incredible so far and we're not even close to being finished!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Turn the wrong way.

If you turned the wrong way you were either drunk or in a wheelchair. That's the wheelchair door over there but I really did see a drunk guy go that way once.

No, the drunk guy was NOT me.

I went to the end once and found some sort of office and a restroom to the left. The foul stench of minimum wage hung heavy in the air. I felt like a little bunny rabbit who had wandered into a dog pen where mean, smelly, low paid dogs lay thirsty to ruin our fun.

To the right was the wheelchair entrance into the load area.


A blast of orange scented AC hits you right in your FACE!!! You're also greeted with the message that is the mantra of this holy place. A message that will guide you through the realms of tomorrow that lay within. A message that will transform your stupid ass into a thoughtful, caring, sharing, human being ready to help build a better world for the future!

Back out front

Ok let's follow these nice people back inside.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Magic Paint Brush

Remember this post I made back in May? It had a shot of a ride vehicle maintenance room we had found when we were exploring the catwalks on one of our "extended visits". Well here is a video clip of that room, I know its short, but would you really want to watch five minutes of this?

I have no idea if this was the only room that provided access to the top of the vehicles, but its the only one we found during our catwalk exploration. And if I recall correctly, I dont think we visited this room more than once, we thought it was cool when we found it, but after that we were like what is there really to see here?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Story time

Story time with Uncle Hoot:

Chief and I were coming close to the end of our adventures and equaly close to our beloved ride closing down. How would we end this adventure? We thought of a million cool ideas. Here are a few:

1. We were going to pick one omnimover car just behind us and load it full of every prop we could move. Chairs, lamps, anything not nailed down. Imagine what the cast members would have thought when all of this SHIT came to unload! HAHA.

2. We were going to spend the day running naked through the scenes until we got arrested.

3. We wanted to carry Super Soakers in with us and drench any and all guests just as they rounded the "Scuba Class" into the undersea area. How cool would that have been? Just like you were going under water! do it all again.

Cool little sign

I liked this sign. I also like the fact that "Test Track" still looks like World of Motion from this angle.

closer still...

Late afternoon coolness.
I probably never mentioned the time I rode horizon's comletely naked. Hmmm..........

Closer still

Check out the door and track that I assume allowed ride vehicles to be loaded in and out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The fist of God

I love this one because it clearly shows the mighty fist if GOD ready to SMITE the first jerk who tries to ruin Horizons!

The back

Going around the back, the orange windows gave way to flat stucco walls. This shot shows a strange door that I assume was used to load the set scenes in. I pushed on it but it didn't seem operational anymore.


If you followed the path around the building, clockwise, you'd find this tranquil space. I remember going back there and resting long before our adventures took place. One could sit in this area and simply enjoy some quite in Futureworld.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


If any of you were wondering what we make on Google Ads here's the scoop. Our all time take is $11.04! We've covered two rolls of film developing at the one hour Walgreens across from Universal circa 1998! How cool is that!?

That's solid proof that this blog is for fans of Horizons. Sure we could sell this stuff on DVD or some shit but we don't want to. We want to bring our andventures to the table so that everyone who comes across this blog can enjoy Horizons one more time.

Please comment. Add your thoughts. Tell us of how you remember this attraction.

Hoot scores

I posted this pic early on but I Photoshoped it a bit. Here's the original clearly showing you how easy it was for a handsome bitch like me to con a poor girl into letting me wear her jacket. Fellas, she was putty in my hands when I flashed her this Psycho killer grin. Believe that.

Lil' sign

Ok ok. This sign was really cool but why was it there? There was a big version just a few feet before. Was this the weeny that directed guests toward the right set of doors? Did this sign come AFTER the tiny sign (in front of the big one) that pointed out the entrance? Did the average guest forget what they were going to see in the span of 20 seconds and had to be reminded?

The sign

Simple yet elegant.

A tranquil afternoon in front of the most optimistic vision of the future ever created.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Final Bits with Fonzi

Here are the final bits of film we have with Bionic Fonzi, remember we did three "rides" with him in one night. Most of this clip is in the Sea Castle Resort area. On one of the rides Hoot gets a couple closeups of the scuba classroom and then on the last one he gets some good video of the restaurant. And then of course how could a Mesa Verde Times video be complete without me making a fool of myself in it. You will see what I mean around 6:30 mark, I put an annotation in the video to kinda mark the spot. Heh :) And sorry to say folks, I have never gotten professional help to figure out my obsession with wanting to dry hump animatronic figures and other inanimate objects in a Disney ride. Luckily for me, not all of them were caught on film. ;)

Towards the end of this video, Hoot gets a quick shot of the animatronics for the hologram birthday calls, same peppers ghost effect. We have some decent still shots of these, taken from up on the catwalks. We will get to those sometime in the future. These three rides with Fonzi were still during the pre-staying inside the ride timeframe.

Also towards the end, even though the video doesnt come out well (being a pretty dark room an all), you can hear us getting all excited standing out in the starfield room/corner that you saw right before the choose your own future projection screens. It really was a neat feeling standing out in that room and looking back at the ride vehicles slowly going by, its just too bad it was a hard experience to capture on film. Anyways, hope you enjoy! And dont worry, we still have plenty of video clips coming, this is not the end, just the final pieces I hadnt shown yet from the Fonzi rides.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

83rd "cool person"

"THE Jeff" is number 83 on our list of "followers"! 83 is the magic number, Jeff, so congrats to you. You will wear the crown until we get to 1,983 in which you will Knight that person with a lucite sword and hand over the crown in a glorious ceremony. You will then fly to Orlando and enjoy fine wine and lobster tails at the Hoot Gibson Estate while we watch Horizons videos. After THAT you'll be led to your sleeping chamber by Playboy models in yellow jump suits as they sing you to sleep with a soft chorus of "If we can dream it".

Older pic and order of things

I know I said at the beginning that I wasn't going to go in any kind of order on this blog. I changed my mind and here's why. This is the 99th picture I've posted from our vast archive and It's becoming harder and harder to decide what to post next. All of our pictures are in albums, in order, so I think We'll start with a tour around the outside of the building itself which starts us at the beginning of album "one". Eventually, hundreds of shots later, we'll be at unload.

Here's a shot of the sign just after GE dropped sponsorship to get the ball rolling.

One of the "Last of the cool people", Gear28th, came to visit me today. He has a GREAT Horizons fan project in the works and I can't wait to see it:) I hope we see more Horizons fans turning out cool stuff in the near future. USE THESE pics and let them inspire you!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Somewhere out there there's a person with similar World of Motion material. We're waiting to see that blog so don't be shy, person, lay it on us!

Future Living with Fonzi

Here are a couple more shots from our trips with our old friend Bionic Fonzi. There are a couple decent shots from wierd angles in the Urban Habitat and Desert Habitat. And you can see how sometimes we would take a more "fun" route thru a set, such as the grove control station. Mostly to get a better picture, but also because it was fun. :) Next video will be Sea Castle area with Fonzi.