Monday, September 27, 2010

Here we go

In my last post I said it was the end. Please understand that I meant it was the end of our story. There's really no more to tell on top of this amazing adventure. We did what we did and we made this blog for every Horizons fan on the face of the Earth.

Folks have sent emails concerned that this blog is's hard to explain. It's not about lack of content because we have plenty more for you.

There was really no climax for Chief and I, which if there was, would make an excellent story. The attraction closed and we stood empty. For years. After the fact we collected tons of material and it doesn't really fit into our adventure story but it's all part of the history of Horizons.

We loved the attraction. Risked our lives. Took pics and video to preserve it and 12 years later blogged about it.

YOU will never stand empty. This blog will live for years to come and we'll continue to post our pics and later findings.

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Back to Nova Cite. Right behind us is the Mesa Verde Scent cannon. In front is Mom's apartment garden. We'd sneak around (on hands and knees) 'til we reached a door which lead to a huge room behind the backdrop. There, was stored huge glass panels for the Peppers Ghost effect. Endless coolness.

See those boxes full of "things"? We picked through them and found artifacts some of which followed us home. The boxes lay dank and dirty long forgotten by the people who were supposed to use their contents to keep scenes nice and neat.

Horizons was on it's death bed. No longer cared for. The family that had created her was gone.

Chief and I knew that this was the end but we kept at it. To care for Horizons at least in memories. We started to go mad with collecting everything we could.......

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The End

Wow, man! What a ride! Mesa Verde Times has been an incredible experience to Chief and I.

I think we both feel we're nearing the end of this tale. The last of the pics are coming at you hard and should last 'til the new year at which point we'll be at the end of this adventure.

Fresh Roasted Corn will act as the pre/post show for Mesa Verde Times.

Thank you to all of you that contributed to Sunnycide and the fight against Breast Cancer. From my heart thanks to each and every one of you:)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you to our pals we met through this blog

Sunnycide found a lump in her breast. It was diagnosed as cancer and extremely aggressive.

My dear Sunnycide is nothing but tough. She went through it all with a smile on her face determined to beat it and she did. Chief and I, of course were by her side.

Here's the invite of a lifetime for "Mesa Verde Times" cool people. JOIN US as we walk for breast cancer in Orlando on Oct. 17th. Be on the Sunnycide team because we aren't throwing out candy.....we're throwing out film clips and ACTUAL RIDE PROPS! Think we're bullshiting? You don't know us very well then:)

Click here

When you get there, Click on "Join a Team" over on the right. Search for "Kim's Crew for the Cure". Click and join up. We'll be walking because we only run when we're getting chased through an attraction.

Please, MVT cool people, Chief and I have never asked for anything but for you to enjoy our stories. We made this blog because it was free and we could share our adventures to you without cost. THIS IS THE ONLY THING We've EVER ASKED FOR. Join us!

Write us here

Do it for Sunnycide.


What a horrible month!

My dear Sunnycide Gibson was diagnosed/treated/beat a life threatening illness all in that short span of time. Things have been nutz at the Gibson Estate as you can imagine. Sunnycide is well and on the road to recovery and all I really want is to blog about Horizons and get back to normal.

Thanks for hanging in there during this horrible dry spell.

The rains are a comin', Granny!