Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Favorite Red Head

This post is WAY WAY WAY overdue. In true Hoot Gibson fashion, I simply put it off for too long. Just like when I started this blog 12 years after our adventures in Horizons. Oops.

 It went down like this as some of you may know by now. We THOUGHT we had found the red haired grand daughter until her real life daughter called us on it by saying "that is NOT my mother"! After feeling like a complete horses ass we got in touch with her and she agreed to talk to us over the phone! Chief joined in on the conference call and we talked with her for about two hours. One of the most amazing experiences any Horizons fan could want.

Here's a bit from our email correspondence:

 Hoot, I love your enthusiasm and tenacity to find the truth!! 

Well, I really do appreciate you setting the story straight for my benefit and to show what amazing researchers you are! I am here to prove that I am "Your Favorite Redhead". I have attached a photo taken during the original filming of the video at Burbank Stuidios in California. 

I had no idea how popular the Horizons ride had become. It's great to hear how many loyal fans there are. I had such a wonderful experience being involved in the entire process and would love to share it with you and your friends. The making of my twin, the audio animatronic, was especially eventful.

Thank you again for keeping Horizons ALIVE!!!

And now, REAL Corine Cook! Just as lovely as ever! Oh, the red hair was just a wig that Disney decided to use at the last minute.

And now, the most amazing picture in the free world....scanned for 'ol Hoot and Chief by Corine herself....

That's her on the set at the Disney Studios shooting the video chat scene with Tom Fitzgerald!!!!!!!! This picture has never been shared and if it's not every persons wallpaper by the end of the week you're in for it! 

How awesome is that? She also couldn't remember "Beach Boy" Tom Fitzgerald's name. She was under the impression that he was just another actor. I explained who he was/is and that he's still at Disney! She thought that was pretty cool.

More to come!

oh and here's the old post which lead to us finding the real girl:)