Saturday, January 30, 2010

Easy Living Background solved

Eric_W, Minister of Space Travel Affairs at Mesa Verde Times, has made an incredible discovery. I'm re posting his links from his comments on the first "For Kali" picture:

Read his full comments here

Friday, January 29, 2010

Art Deco Background for Kali Part Three

This was the very right of the painting. Notice the Nickelodeon (upper right) sign that's part of the next scene. You can see the glass block window of the kitchen and an open animatronic control cabinet in the lower right. Our secret hide out was on the left behind that red area:)

Art Deco Background for Kali Part Two

Maybe this is Zeppelin Earth?

Art Deco Background for Kali Part One

Mesa Verde Times reader Kali has requested some Easy Living, art deco, background painting shots. Ask you shall receive!

This one was taken from the very left of the scene.

How many of you would agree that this a tribute to Spaceship Earth, art deco style?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do YOU think?

I just talked to, his Holiness, Bishop Kyle of Centauri . He's going to write down some thoughts on Horizons to share with the rest of us. This gets me thinking so stick with me here 'cause the PBR is taking effect.

Someday all of us Horizons fans will be dead. There will be no one alive who actually experienced this amazing piece of future optimism. Chief and I will be in Hell, with a few of you, and the world will be void of any single person that can pass on what it was really like.

Blogspot will probably be around OR Islamic Scholars, Jewish Scholars, the Vatican, Universities world wide, or some poor "future dork" in his mom's basement will keep Mesa Verde Times on record well into the future.

So........if this blog is to serve as a time capsule for Horizons, we need your input. You found us for a reason so let's get down to the business of spilling your memories and thoughts for future generations.

Anything goes. Unedited. This is important.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

These are fun

In the Mesa Verde living room. You can almost see my chicken bag! Chief is grabbing his! Prince (Bionic Fonzi) is just relaxing. He's waiting for the purple rain.
Clowns, man. Clowns:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


To me, kind folks, this is the Dead Sea scrolls. I dug around, I found it, and I'm happy as hell. This simple two page spread holds SO much history for me for it is part of the seed that lead to the adventures of Hoot and Chief. Let's go back in time to 1983.

Story time with Uncle Hoot is about to begin. Please do NOT remain seated and do not keep your hand and arms inside the vehicle.

10th grade 1983. Hoot Gibson is in the waiting room of the principals office. Another idea that seemed good to me at the time went wrong. I was sitting there flipping through some sort of scholastic magazine when I came across this two page spread. IT WAS HORIZONS!!!!!! In true Hoot fashion I loosened the staples and preserved this wonderful piece.

I was called in by the nice office people who knew me by name. It was my turn, once again, to face my good friend Ms Gibb.

Ms Gibb ran through the usual banter about how my future life depended on my grades (which turned out to be bullshit). The speech turned into blah blah blah because I was reading this fantastic article over and over again. "HOOT GIBSON! Are you listening to me"? I wasn't. We had been through this song and dance sooooo many times and being an honest person I said "no...sorry".

Ms Gibb grabbed this very piece of paleo-future from my hands, looked at it, and said "this is your problem, Hoot. All you care about are these comic books". WHAT!??? This came from a magazine in her own office! She didn't even read it! This was an ad for GE and Horizons!!!!!!!!!! It was intended to give kids hope and to inspire learning!

Little things like this make you question authority.

Luckily I still have this piece of history. I've kept it all these years. Enjoy it, my friends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

From the beginning

So, Horizons fans, I just paid a long overdue visit to the Hoot and Chief archives. After my retinal scan and delousing I led myself over to the Horizons Vault (#18-D-427) to find a couple of articles for you. I guess I didn't realize just how many we have. Get ready for years of information!

Here's a good start. It's the earliest I could find -1979. Give it a read and you'll find that Horizons wasn't even close in concept to what it would become four years later.

This article also shows that GE was in no way wanting a continuation of the Carousel of Progress! Maybe that idea was infused by Disney during the design process. Or maybe it's pure horse shit and Horizons had almost nothing to do with COP.

- More to come!

(updated 10:19 pm and six beers later)
I've been thinking about this article. THIS was the first step in creating Horizons! How vast is that? Very. This was the seed that started an amazing experience. Chief and I were 10 years old when this article was printed.

Man! Time is a funny thing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


You all really need to see this amazing post!

See if you can figure out who's who.

Two More Tools (hehe)

We haven't been able to locate Bionic Fonzi to ask him if it's ok to post his pictures. For now he'll be the King of Pop.
In this shot Chief finds a hidden speaker and is overjoyed to say the least! Fonzi did the moonwalk and damn near fell down the hole:(
Good times.

Cool tools

Various tools of tomorrow, the kind of things we Cave Men couldn't begin to understand. AH! His welding glasses are on the floor.
I wonder what that rainbow colored thing is.
Next to his ass is a yellow pad. Probably an Electro-pants mat to prevent chaffing.

Sub Repair Part Two

Beach Boy had some nifty tools and plenty of rags. There's humor to be found in that I know.
It doesn't seem like a safe place to work because he's only inches from falling to his death. Maybe he has on "Electro-pants" made with the same magnetic properties as the boots in space? Yep. That's what it is. Electro-pants!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Details- Sub Repair-2010-part one

Happy New Year, folks! We've made it to 2010 without getting spanked:) The holidays are over. I've gained 112 pounds, and drank enough to receive thank you cards from three major breweries.

I'd like to start the year off with some more amazing detail shots in the Sub Repair Bay. We've all done our fair share of Beach Boy Bashing. We've been pretty harsh and now I feel bad. Actually I'm crying.

The Sub Repair Bay was a thing of beauty and a place of many details. Beach Boy had it good with his chicky baby on the big screen, a small computer with sub repair reference (the sub rotated in wireframe) and tons of cool tools!

oooohhh..... Look at her. There aren't enough pictures of her. Did you ever notice she's facing the wrong way in that video? She would have been facing the ride vehicles not her boyfriend! She was talking, men!

The sub repair info on the little monitor is cool but that kid must have had amazing eyesight to see it from where he was sitting. The left side is either on fire or the lights got fruity with my camera.

These cool little props we're on the ledge to the right of the computer. Amazing amazing amazing details in our beloved Horizons.