Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last of the Lost

Horizons fans, it looks like this is our last clip.

By this point we knew enough about what we were doing to concentrate on our list of things to document. Chief and I would come up with a rough plan for the night and then work on getting what we wanted. You can see this in the part where I run up the stairs to the lady in the bathtub. I photograph a whole body shot of her and then I get a shot of her pink shoes. Both shots listed on the "to do" list. The same list I had just stared at for 9 hours during my mind numbing desk job.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

There were a lot of times when we would go all the way to EPCOT Center only to find that the park was crowded. Finding a big enough gap was hard and some nights it didn't happen at all. We'd stand in the Horizons load area for hours waiting for a chance. This video is a great example of a short gap. Not much time to document things. Things get much better on our second attempt coming up next.

A special thanks to Chris Wallace for this comment:

DO YOU REALIZE HOW HELPFUL THIS IS TO ME?! More than ANY other ride through video Ive seen. You captured so much of the stuff guests ARENT supposed to have looked at - which is exactly where the "blind spots" in my reference have been. That god almighty you guys had the forethought to video tape the "unimportant" stuff, or shooting from afar (before or after the scene had passed) to get more things in the frame. AND THE LIGHT!!!!! Do you realize there was virtually no way for me to know how those dark transition areas really looked? Or how they were textured? Now I know! (the lumia transition scenes from the omnimax theatre and the seam between the projection wall and the reflective soffit!!
That's exactly why we decided to share this stuff in the first place. Use it, people! HORIZONS RESURRECTED 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This would be the last time we ever rode Horizons without leaving our ride vehicle. This trilogy of trips, which happened in the same night, gave us the basic info we needed. We watched the tape over and  over. The very next time we rode it Chief was the first one out. That's coming up next.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Follow us here. This is the second ride through and something VERY important happens. It starts with Chief attaching his huge light to the top of his video camera which is cool in itself. By doing this we decide not to ruin the attraction for other riders so.......the Monolith appears......and we decide to wait for a six car GAP before and after our ride vehicle! So other riders wouldn't see our spotlight! ( :49) THAT, for you new visitors, also meant that WE couldn't be seen which led to us jumping out and the rest is history. 

At 2:11 you can see my audio recorder. The strip of white tape is so I can see to pick it up on my next ride through, Mike Lee style.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In the grand scheme of things this video should have been the very first to be posted here. THIS is from the tape in which Chief and I learn that Horizons is going to close (again) so we head out to get a couple of rides on tape.

What you're about to see is the evolution of how we went from normal behavior to our exploration phase. It's like watching two apes at the very moment they learn to use a stick to eat more ants. All of a sudden the Monolith appears. The two apes start to walk erect and use more advanced tools............and climb right out of their ride vehicle!