Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fresh Audio

Oh boy audio fans! I have two lovely clips for you in honor of it being Wednesday! It's also national Fiji Merman Day in, where else, Norway!

These two clips were obtained using a process developed by Concourse Six Laboratories in which one leaves an audio recording device in a Disney ride and returns later to retrieve it. You therefore get several looping full segments and one hell of an idea of the atmosphere in that portion of the ride. The proper term used to describe this maneuver is "Drop Off".

This is when we did a drop off in the "Choose your Tomorrow" star field room.

Of course in the Space scene with all of the different sounds.

More to come. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Destination D Walt Disney World

Wow. That was the most fun I have had in a long time.

I honestly didn't think it would be THAT kick ass but it was. When Chief, who is a member of D23, asked me if I wanted to go I said yes mostly because it would be a reason to spend time with him for two days on Disney property. I didn't think we'd see anything of merit because I've grown to think that the history of Walt Disney World wasn't very important to the company or Disney fans.

Hoot Gibson was wrong. here are some things that blew me away:

The Western River Expedition flow through video. That's more WRE material than I ever thought existed! Wonderful.

DreanFinder, the REAL fuckin' DREAMFINDER, singing "One little Spark" with Richard Sherman........... LIVE!

WDW construction pics.

The folks at the Disney Archives like Hoot and Chief!

Debbie Dane Brown, the 1971 Ambassador, likes Hoot and Chief and hugged us at will!

We met fellow bloggers. The exact guys who inspired me to start Mesa Verde Times. Check it out.

Left to right:

1. George of fame! Great material and I can't believe we finally got to meet him.

2. Dr Joe, official Surgeon General of Mesa Verde Times. It was great to hang out with him for the entire weekend. Joe drinks beer and so do I ..........we drank us some beer! We also met his wonderful family. We're working on some WEDCON stuff with Joe.

3. Hoot Lariat Gibson

4. Thunder Chief my dear pal.

5. Michael Crawford of Progress City USA! Love this blog! I was sort of nervous to meet this guy because his blog is very professional and I wasn't sure if he liked our stuff or not.

6. Chris Wallace was there as well. He gave me a free t-shirt on Saturday but i got drunk Saturday night and lost it. Debbie Dane must have it. Wink wink. He's doing wonderful work and his renderings are beautiful. Click on his name, suckas!

We had fun. We found ourselves in a an employee break area or two.......or three looking for sweet retro trash cans:

..and meeting up with old "pals"

Good times

Friday, May 13, 2011

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

We found Bionic Fonzi! After 13 years of searching.....................we found him!

We were spooking the D23 event at WDW tonight and, low and behold, there he was!

Most amazing. One of only three who joined us on our adventures.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Priceless film

This is a great video for early Horizons footage. It starts out as a 1978 film but the portion on Horizons is from a later film.

At 2:35 Horizons steals the show with it's amazingly corny song. Glad it didn't make the cut.

At 2:59 There's a sweet shot of an early version of the Diving Class scene. Underwater safety is no joke.

At 3:05 A dolphin would have been cool near Sea Castle but our seal friend did just fine. Look to the right of this frame. "swimming" Audio-Animatronic figures?! Was that replaced by the film clip of the diving class? I would gave rather seen AA's.

At 3:45 Paul Torrigino lending his incredible artistic skill to a model of the France Pavilion.

I would love to see all of the Horizons concept art and models.