Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Time We Were Chased Part One

You all know by now that we MUST have been detected at least once. Well it happened for sure. Here's a little comic strip of how it went down. I'm no artist, folks, but this should do. here's the True Life Adventure.
Once upon a time we were walking behind the cars in Horizons. We'd gotten too comfortable with it.
We came across a FAT maintenance man!

Good Lord! He was waiting for the ride to close so he get busy sleeping.

He turned his flashlight on us and gave us chase! We were skinny and could run like rabbits!Chief remembered a door we had used many times. It led to the "Future from the 50's" scene. We were actually in the Sea Castle scenes.

In an act of pure brilliance Chief locked the door! This gave us plenty of time to find a hiding place.

We walked underneath the "Easy living" scene to find our trusted hiding place.

Here's the layout of "the Hole's: location. Imagine the Easy Living scene. Our "hole" was a square of the background painting cut away like a doggy door revealing an unfinished room. I don't know how we originally found it but we had been there several times since.

We were fucked...

After some time we heard the ride system fire up and the audio got louder.

I snuck out to the edge of the Easy Living set....

They were riding through looking for us!!!!!!!!!!

We had to get crafty and QUICK!

Do they make it out of there alive!!!!!!!!!? Find out in the next issue "The Time We got Chased Part Two"!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I can't believe we have 111 "Last of the Cool people". We thank every one of you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Nova Cite

The Grandparents only really like three people in their extended family. The red head grand daughter, their Captain Nemo son in law, and a baby. Is that Davey who lives in space? Who's kid was that a picture of? Some Imagineer or maybe a bean counter at Disney? Is that child REALLY 27-28 years old now? Why is Hoot Gibson so damned handsome?
No offense to the sculptors at Disney but you have to admit those Animatronic figures look nothing like the actors themselves. Not even the baby, who was a direct copy of the baby in "The Home of Future Living" at the Magic Kingdom. I hate to even question their skills but I'm curious. Would they have to pay the actors more for an exact likeness? Hmmmm...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early Catwalk Adventures

Here are some shots from our early catwalk adventures. I think this was actually during our first "extended stay" adventure. And of course it was very dark up there in the catwalk area and we didnt have super-night-vision cameras, but I still think Hoot got some great shots here.

I remember these trips being particularly exciting because we were finally free to just explore, without the rush of the jump-out, get shots, jump-back-in trips. And we were finally able to make it to areas that we were just not able to get to before, and so it was almost like xmas morning opening presents feeling, such as when we finally saw where those models were, just hanging right there upside down in front of us. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Original Art

Now we're talkin'! Check out these awesome Horizon's/EPCOT Center based original works of art! One of our fine readers, Jenn, rendered these masterpieces on canvas and I'm blown away. Check out the entire collection:

PS If you own a Monet throw it in the lake and replace it with with some Flavor Grapes!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One more Mesa Model

"Horizons FX 63". One look says it all.

Mesa Verde wallpaper

This is my current wallpaper:)Zoom in on the pool and tennis courts.

Mesa Verde Detail

I love the painting behind the model showing life in Mesa Verde! As with the rest of the art in Horizons the detail simply floors me. Lorange juice on the veranda! I don't care what they teach you in Sunday school, Heaven looks exactly like this!

Model Citizens

I don't feel like going in order today so let's visit this fascinating piece! Here we have the kick ass model of the Pegasus! These awesome "Holograms" were seen just before you chose your ending. Some of you may remember that this pic wasn't scanned upside down but that the model hung this way to achieve the effect. This illusion was a direct descendant of the Space Mountain entry corridor effects (Keep watching "Pirates of the Magic Kingdom" for more on Space Mountain)

Glorious Chief

Bored with waiting for the gap, Chief puts on some monkey shines for the camera:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey, Horizons fans! Sorry for the slow down, Chief and I were working out the details on what will be our masterpiece blog "Pirates of the Magic Kingdom". Here you'll be able to follow our COMPLETE series of adventures ranging from July 1986 to the present. The people we've met, the things we've seen, the rides we've found ourselves in..........

"El Rio Del Tiempo" deserves it's own blog so we've made that too.

Click on my profile and join up!

Your attention please...

The Magic Kingdom Fantasyland upgrade DOES NOT include an updated version of Horizons.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More Entry Area Fun

So here we are again, waiting for a gap to get in. And for whatever reason Hoot decided to film alot of the wait, which at the time may have seemed odd or even a waste of tape. But now, some 11 years later, I am Happy for every second of video that we have. It really helps me 'go back in time' and relive these awesome adventures we had.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excellent fan art!

Horizons fan Zac Tredway created this AWESOME piece of art that truley captures the essence of our favorite attraction! Well done, Mr Tredway, well done.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A special treat....

One of our fans known only as "Sweet C" sent us these mouth watering pics! "Sweet C" says "I'd like them to be preserved on your blog along with your amazing material". Our pleasure!

The chicks turbin from the Sea Castle Restaurant scene!

Could this be the smoking jacket of Mr Easy Living himself?! I'm getting dizzy!

I can't breath......... a kid sized wet suit! My guess is that it belonged to the little girl whos hands where on her lap. (hence the holes)

THE BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GD BOOOOOOOT!

Jules Verne's jacket! I need oxygen and quick!

A white boot! Who did it belong to?? Mom in the shuttle scene? A member of "ABBA"?

The Asian girl of Sea Castle?


This is simply amazing! This kick ass patch would have lost forever! Look at it!

The space suit worn by that guy on the grid'm blacking out....

"Sweet C"......a million thanks. You have now earned the Hoot and Chief Achievemnt award. This stuff is just incredible.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting For The Gap

Here is a short clip to go along with the recent photos that Hoot has been posting. A little exterior shot during the daytime, and then a little bit in the queue area. We are waiting for 'the gap' of course, and as you hear me say, it was usually the only unpleasant part of our adventures. We wanted to get inside the ride, not hang around in the queue area all day. :)

Hoot is showing how we would use the mirrors in the entry hallway to let us know when someone was entering the door. So generally we would be down in the lower part, with myself watching the load belt and counting cars, and Hoot standing in a good spot that he can see the mirrors so he could tell when someone had just walked in the door. If I had counted enough empty cars and there was no one walking in the door, then we would know we had a decent gap of empty cars surrounding us for our ride. Make sense? :)

Anyway, hope everyone has a great labor day weekend, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Concourse B

Concourse "B" was to the right of the sign. I hope nobody went in there! I did once and I saw the frozen corpses of those who worked for Imagineering and had good ideas. Yep. Ugly sight.

Concourse "A" on the other hand...........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Close-up departure

A closer view of the right side. I'm not going to post all of the pics I took of this sign for now. I'll post all of them at the end though. Like I said, there are so many similar shots out there so I'll save mine for a massive bundle when I run out of material.

Speaking of that, I have posted 119 of my personal pictures so far not counting what Chief posted or the pics I grabbed from ebay. 119 and, folks, and we aren't even close to the end:)

Now departing

I like it when I saw this sign for the first time because I love airports. That's right, Hoot Gibson LOVES airports. I'd marry an airport if I could.

The most photographed thing in Horizons

This was my only pic on the Departure sign prior to having some supernatural fire lit under my ass. It's not a BAD shot for film because you can still make out the destinations. Where do you think Villa-Du-mer was? I don't know but you could get there either by sky train or sea train! Figure that one out.

Over the years MANY pictures of this sign have surfaced. I keep a file of downloaded Horizons pics that I started in '98 and this element takes the cake. I'm glad for it because it was beautiful. It reminds me of "If You Had Wings" which had a similar blinking destination chosen for you.