Friday, October 30, 2009

Grove Shot 1 (Full)

We posted a while back about a couple of videos on YouTube that happened to be from our adventures. Well, here is the full version of that grove shot. It includes Hoot setting up the camera in the beginning, then after 6+ min or so, he comes back and picks up the camera to come find me. I have called this one 'Shot 1' because we have a couple more grove shots like this, but from different angles. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The holograms, Jim.

Kyle's right...

That man is going to EAT that baby! Look at him! This guy's suffering from "Space Madness"! He looks like he'd cry tears of sorrow as he caves your head in with an end table!

"Davey, daddy is going away for awhile......"

Birthday Party

Here's a cool shot we got by climbing up the outside of the apartment. Yes, those are paper shop rags under the characters so they could soil themselves at will! I know I said it before but that IS the same baby as was in Space Mountain's Home of Future living:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smile, You're On Hoot & Chief Cam!

Ok, so we have explained in previous posts how we would stand in the load area watching for a gap of empty cars so we could jump out without anyone seeing us, as well as having enough empty cars to have some time to take pictures in a set, sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes a minute or two. And we have explained how we started staying inside the ride for extended periods, sometimes hours at a time.

Well, when we started the extended stay adventures, we quickly realized one little problem, how do we get back onto the ride??? We didnt have the luxury of standing in the load area and waiting for a gap. So we had to find certain places of the backstage areas that we could see the cars going by, so we could count empty cars, just like we did in the load area. So this video here is us scouting some of those locations and filming them to see if whether or not it appeared like the guests could see that spot. And as you can see, the camera sitting on the railing at the Nova Cite garden was quickly spotted by some teenagers. :)

But what we really needed was a spot close to the cave, because that was the easiest spot to get back to the cars, so the spot where we are looking thru the pine bush at the Mesa Verde grove control tower was that sweet spot. Anyways, it was good to know of alot of spots we could 'spy' at the cars, because it always helped us keep on top of what was going on: Were there alot of people riding, were they cycling guests out of the ride, were cast members riding thru, where were places we had to be extra careful to duck when walking behind the sets, etc...

Also as a bonus, at marker 5:20, you can see me climbing up behind the rocks on the side of the Mesa Verde farm looking down at the grove and cars. And you get a quick shot looking out of the cave facing the Kitchen at marker 7:45. Also I think I should mention that the long period of time in the garden shot, we were not standing there with the camera. What we would do is set the camera up somewhere, let it record for several minutes while we would go off and record some audio or take pictures, etc... Hoot did this several times, mostly to get some really cool grove shots that I will post in the future. Enjoy!

Birthday Scene Catwalk

Continuing on with the Birthday Scene, here is a quick clip of the audio-animatronics used for the peppers ghost effect.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice pod cast

"Jared T" tipped us off to this pod cast from

It's an honor that they chose to focus on "Mesa Verde Times". Many thanks to them.

Good stuff through and through. I like the fact that they use foul language and aren't afraid to to voice their opinions. They call Chief and I "Ballsy" 37 times as well.

The one thing that we need to make clear is that Horizons was NEVER empty. Some of our pics and video may make it seem that way but Future world was always slow later in the evening. Horizons was so busy that sometimes we didn't get a "gap" and had to go home empty handed.

Good show from Micecast and I plan to listen to all of their casts.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Davey Part 1.5

Here's a panorama we took without a flash. It's cool but it hardly documents the scene.
You'll soon be treated to another "Hoot and Chief True Life Action Comic" all about how Chief found his way into this scene and how his Grandmother's closet door revealed a secret.

Happy Birthday Dear Davey Pt 1

The Space Colony Birthday scene! One of the coolest in Horizons but almost impossible to photograph! The slanted windows (used to achieve the Peppers Ghost effect) completely enclosed the room leaving no visible way "in". We tried to get pics with a flash, without a flash etc but all we ever got were crummy pics like this one. It looks like a grenade just went off behind the couch! One way or another we were going to get in there. We did:)

The actual figures that made up the Hologram effect were located directly above your ride vehicle. If you held your camera way out and pointed it upward you could get some pretty good shots of these half body animatronic figures. Still it was random and you never knew what you were going to get. We made up our minds to get up there. We did:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Athene Computer

Try our new search engine! It's powered by a 2086 Athene Home Computer and can help you find specific things within our blog. It's fun.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More kick ass art!

This stuff ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS! Old school WDW fans unite and if you have a baby, get it that "Now is the Time" onesy!!!

Incredibly cool designs that are now endorsed by Hoot and Chief!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


If you ever want to contact Chief and I, our email is:

By all means drop us a line or two!

Happy Birthday

Happy 26th Birthday Horizons! We love you and you'll always be here with us!

-Hoot and Chief

The Time We Were Chased Part Two

The exciting conclusion of "Hoot and Chief True Life Adventure Comics"!

The Time We Were Chased Part Two.

Our heroes are in a tricky spot! They're being pursued by some mean people and need to get their stuff and get out!

It was worth a try. At least we could get our video cameras.

We were ready to go.

We were only 10 cars behind our pursuers!

We waited and waited for Mesa verde.

Finally we had passed the Harvester scene and could hear the sounds of the Kitchen. Time to go.

We made a break for the secret cave to the left of the cat and fish vignette. The following is a map of where our hide out was (base camp), just below the kitchen and ride vehicles.

We were reunited with our electronic devices!

We decided to crawl to the Harvester scene and check out the ride's status. We went between the background painting and the model groves.


They had given up the chase! They couldn't find us and gave the go ahead to let people ride! There was one more problem.

Chief was all for it. We were pretty sure that the guests who were about to plainly see us wouldn't know what was going on and even if they did tell, we'd be half way home by the time anyone responded.

So we did it. Nothing to worry about, folks!

We weren't out of the woods yet.

That might seem pretty stupid but it's all we had. So we did it!

At unload there were 3 or 4 employees. No maintenance man. The employees gave us looks like they suspected we were the ones behind the mischief. The girl snickered when she told us to have a good night.

FUCK! IT WORKED!!! A couple of people tried to tell on us but we just kept on walking.

We simply blended into the crowd and left the park. We went straight home and drank beer with Sunnycide and watched our evenings video offerings.

-The End