Thursday, January 3, 2019

And then a film.

Months ago, a young film maker messaged me about doing a film about our adventures, as you see them here on this blog. He didn't know whether or not I would like the idea and he did something extraordinary. He made the film almost complete to show how much he loved the story! I thought it was wonderful after watching it 16 times and told him he had my blessing 100%. Not only was he driven as an artist and film maker but he is naturally gifted in the fine art of story telling. The Film maker is Mathew Serrano.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

X-Rated Motels of the Future

 I love to read articles like this one. It's funny how different reporters perceived EPCOT Center, it's attractions, it's impact etc. This article's fun because it mentions X-rated Motels as well as Horizons. 

 It's no surprise to me because the few times we stayed overnight in the Disney area we stayed at horrible roach motels on 192. You see folks, my mom's a very interesting person. She didn't (and still doesn't) give a shit about "a nice Hotel". She wants the cheapest and that's that. 

 Mom: I'm going in to check the rates. You kids hide on the floor so they don't see you.
 Me: There's a man laying in the bushes.
 Mom: Well that's none of our God damned business!
 Dad: If he messes with us he'll be running around without an ass.

Mom: Yes, sir, what are your room rates?
Clerk: $3 an hour, baby.
Mom: Wonderful! I'll take 6 hours please.

Mom: Hoot take that bucket down and get some ice.
Me: I'm afraid, Mom. I heard gun shots.
Me: But we saw the fireworks.
Mom: They shoot 'em off all night. Everybody knows that.
Me: Can't you send sis? She's older than me.
Mom: Hell no! She'll get raped or something. Get going.

Me: They have a juice machine by the ice. Can I have some change for an orange juice?
Mom: How much are they?
Me: 25 cents

The good 'ol days:)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Just when you think it's all over and it's all been said....POW! Something amazing about Horizons hits you right in the face!

Folks, I'm sitting here going through old pictures trying to find suitable reference for issue #2 of the comic book. I happened upon some classic shots from 2004 when, as you may recall, Chief and I found ourselves working in a Magic Kingdom art department. Briefly. Very briefly but that's another story.

One of the first things I did was to explore the several storage containers that sat in the parking lot. That's when I discovered a rack full of Horizons character heads! That in itself is amazingly cool. There was so much cool shit in there I lost track but over the next few months I took plenty of photographs. Like This:

In the middle is the woman from the Space scene. She was piloting that robot armed craft. To the right is the dad who was trying to get the shoe in the Space Shuttle dock.

Below that there where shelves of Haunted Mansion stuff. You can see Gus, Little Leotta, and Ezra. The guy in charge of the mansion figures would come in here and pretend he was working. He primed Little Leotta there and got primer all over the place. 

ANYWAY as I sit here in December 2013 I find this picture and I wonder "why is little Leotta not in the Haunted Mansion and where is her head?" 

POW! BECAUSE THAT ISN'T LITTLE LEOTTA IN THE HAUNTED MANSION THAT'S THE MINI HOLOGRAM GIRL FROM HORIZONS!!!!!!! THEY WERE THE SAME FIGURE! The Horizons Hologram Girl is standing at the exit to the WDW Haunted Mansion! Flesh colored hands and all. 

AND that's why Hologram Girl's costume was on Ebay years ago!
AND that's why the non moving Leotta figure is laid to rest right under the Horizons heads!

AND why was her head in the black light paint room and cast in clear resin? I DON"T KNOW!

AND now General Electric and Hoot Gibson present "Brian Removing His False Teeth and Gumming Hoot's Big White Ass!". Ain't THAT a hoot?

Long live Mesa Verde Times.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Further Adventures of Hoot and Chief

...and now for the first time ever, Kraft cheese and Polaroid Film proudly present The Further Adventures of Hoot and Chief!
Click to purchase from! 32 pages of hair raising adventure! You might puke! Choose from either real printed on paper copy or futuristic electronic version (Kindle) from the brave new world of the 21st century! Either version will provide perfect reading on the go or on the crapper. Hours of fun!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Favorite Red Head

This post is WAY WAY WAY overdue. In true Hoot Gibson fashion, I simply put it off for too long. Just like when I started this blog 12 years after our adventures in Horizons. Oops.

 It went down like this as some of you may know by now. We THOUGHT we had found the red haired grand daughter until her real life daughter called us on it by saying "that is NOT my mother"! After feeling like a complete horses ass we got in touch with her and she agreed to talk to us over the phone! Chief joined in on the conference call and we talked with her for about two hours. One of the most amazing experiences any Horizons fan could want.

Here's a bit from our email correspondence:

 Hoot, I love your enthusiasm and tenacity to find the truth!! 

Well, I really do appreciate you setting the story straight for my benefit and to show what amazing researchers you are! I am here to prove that I am "Your Favorite Redhead". I have attached a photo taken during the original filming of the video at Burbank Stuidios in California. 

I had no idea how popular the Horizons ride had become. It's great to hear how many loyal fans there are. I had such a wonderful experience being involved in the entire process and would love to share it with you and your friends. The making of my twin, the audio animatronic, was especially eventful.

Thank you again for keeping Horizons ALIVE!!!

And now, REAL Corine Cook! Just as lovely as ever! Oh, the red hair was just a wig that Disney decided to use at the last minute.

And now, the most amazing picture in the free world....scanned for 'ol Hoot and Chief by Corine herself....

That's her on the set at the Disney Studios shooting the video chat scene with Tom Fitzgerald!!!!!!!! This picture has never been shared and if it's not every persons wallpaper by the end of the week you're in for it! 

How awesome is that? She also couldn't remember "Beach Boy" Tom Fitzgerald's name. She was under the impression that he was just another actor. I explained who he was/is and that he's still at Disney! She thought that was pretty cool.

More to come!

oh and here's the old post which lead to us finding the real girl:)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Horizons Area Loop

I'm willing to bet this track is running around out there somewhere. If not here's our recording:

More Horizons audio on the way!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

You need this as bad as we do!

Here it is, folks, the complete Hoot and Chief adventure series in beautiful full color! More "backstage" Disney magic than should be humanly possible! We need to raise funds to get this printed and once we do we'll release not only the hard copy comic book but the e-book as well! Issue #1 is going to be limited to 500 copies, each signed by Hoot, Chief, Ward Dizzley, and cartoon king World Famous Dave Ensign! Reserve yours today and sleep well tonight knowing you helped a couple of adventurers tell their tales.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Newly Captured Audio

Hey everybody! Chief and I have a Sound Cloud page where you'll be assaulted with hours of audio that we recorded in Horizons etc. Here's the latest:

This is a big one. We were into capturing long loops of various scenes by dropping our tape recorder off on the ground under the ride vehicles. We'd come back later and retrieve it. This clip, for example, would be like what you would hear if you fell out of the ride vehicle and broke both your legs. You'd pretty much lay there listening to this loop until you bled out and went to Jesus.

Things to listen for in this clip:

00:00 we run our mouths about where to leave the recorder.
01:08 Chief lays it on the ground
08:29 Breakdown spiel
19:07 We retrieve the recorder

we then ride to the "Choose Your Tomorrow" Star Field and leave the recorder again until it runs out.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last of the Lost

Horizons fans, it looks like this is our last clip.

By this point we knew enough about what we were doing to concentrate on our list of things to document. Chief and I would come up with a rough plan for the night and then work on getting what we wanted. You can see this in the part where I run up the stairs to the lady in the bathtub. I photograph a whole body shot of her and then I get a shot of her pink shoes. Both shots listed on the "to do" list. The same list I had just stared at for 9 hours during my mind numbing desk job.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

There were a lot of times when we would go all the way to EPCOT Center only to find that the park was crowded. Finding a big enough gap was hard and some nights it didn't happen at all. We'd stand in the Horizons load area for hours waiting for a chance. This video is a great example of a short gap. Not much time to document things. Things get much better on our second attempt coming up next.

A special thanks to Chris Wallace for this comment:

DO YOU REALIZE HOW HELPFUL THIS IS TO ME?! More than ANY other ride through video Ive seen. You captured so much of the stuff guests ARENT supposed to have looked at - which is exactly where the "blind spots" in my reference have been. That god almighty you guys had the forethought to video tape the "unimportant" stuff, or shooting from afar (before or after the scene had passed) to get more things in the frame. AND THE LIGHT!!!!! Do you realize there was virtually no way for me to know how those dark transition areas really looked? Or how they were textured? Now I know! (the lumia transition scenes from the omnimax theatre and the seam between the projection wall and the reflective soffit!!
That's exactly why we decided to share this stuff in the first place. Use it, people! HORIZONS RESURRECTED 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This would be the last time we ever rode Horizons without leaving our ride vehicle. This trilogy of trips, which happened in the same night, gave us the basic info we needed. We watched the tape over and  over. The very next time we rode it Chief was the first one out. That's coming up next.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Follow us here. This is the second ride through and something VERY important happens. It starts with Chief attaching his huge light to the top of his video camera which is cool in itself. By doing this we decide not to ruin the attraction for other riders so.......the Monolith appears......and we decide to wait for a six car GAP before and after our ride vehicle! So other riders wouldn't see our spotlight! ( :49) THAT, for you new visitors, also meant that WE couldn't be seen which led to us jumping out and the rest is history. 

At 2:11 you can see my audio recorder. The strip of white tape is so I can see to pick it up on my next ride through, Mike Lee style.