Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lettuce Move On

Another from the kitchen. This time, the vegetables and fruits are being kept fresh under plastic domes.

How perfect WAS this house?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kitchen Gifts

I know this one is not a very good quality picture, but I like it because it reveals whats inside a couple of the wrapped gifts. :)

And this one is just another random side shot where you can see more of the unfinished part of the set.

More Kitchen Fun

I figured while we are waiting for the 'Contest', I would post a few more of my kitchen shots.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Annoying kid

Kid, be thankful you're too short to see what's in the fridge!!!!!!!!!! Take your pear and hit the road. For god's sake, boy, don't say "Did you say black rubber........?".

Lordy Lord.

Family foods

Here are the contents of the family fridge. Plenty of cheese, random tomatoes, not one piece of fruit from the family farm, eggs, sausage and........OMG! Second case from the left.....sausage? Or? Yep they were wieners. Whew! Thank god. They ARE arranged in such a way that they resemble.....

"But what about the black object behind them, Hoot?" Folks, I hate to say it but it's a black rubber male Phallus. I don't have a close up picture because it was TOO disturbing but we saw it close up and ....yep.....that's what it was.

So You might be wondering what was going on in this very household. I DON'T KNOW. "Why didn't you steal it, Hoot?" WOULD YOU!!!!!?????????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nemo's Computer

We see here that Captain Nemo's kitchen computer is actually a light and yes that is Mickey Mouse wrapping paper. Hidden Mickey's SUCK !

I like this shot because of the hanging plants in the background.

More apples

Notice how all of the apples on the front side of the tree are long gone. Souvenir hunters or jack-ass kids? Probably kids or jack-ass grown men:)

On The Chief 'Copter

Here are a couple more from our fun adventures up on the catwalk. It was never a dull moment up there, constant excitment trying to figure out what we could see and where we could go, without getting ourselves killed of course.

Laser Chef

Ok, now back to the Desert Habitat Kitchen. Here are a couple closeups that I have, I know not the best quality, sorry. Hmm, looks like the roast chicken is done, the timer is at 00:00! Wonder what the multi-color swirly thing is supposed to be, to the right of the temp. and timer?

Forgot My Scuba Gear

I know we are moving on to the Desert Habitat Kitchen, but I thought I would go ahead and post a shot with me in it, since a couple have been posted with Hoot and now Bionic Fonzi. Dont want anyone to think I am hiding. I even have my trusty flashlight in hand. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bionic Fonzi

Bionic Fonzi joined us for two missions. At the time he had the best Horizons tribute online, even before it was closed. I wrote him and told him what we were up to and he gladly joined us. It was awesome to meet a guy that would risk what we did to get cool pics. GC kicks ass! In later years we kept in touch but he has since drifted. Isn't that the way life is?

James Mason

Captian Nemo makes a cake with his comfy purple jumpsuit on.

His eyes were out of wack:( Almost always. It was creepy cuz he looked drunk.

Apples For Chief

Chief, the triple apple tree grew right outside of the kitchen itself. I guess it had three or four different types of apples growing. That's a lot of god damned apples! What if one apple is enough in your lunch? NOW you have to eat three?! The doctor won't only stay away, he'll mail you rolls of toilet paper.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Martin Smith

Martin Smith's ultimate Horizons Tribute movie is pure gold. I can't believe how freakin' cool it is! I think I watched it 37 times today.

It's a little blurry but it's a good start. Young Hoot Gibson is checking out the contents of the family fridge with the most annoying animatronic kid ever created.

Remember when I said that we, the riders, were seeing a glimpse of the future that was largely unexplained to us? This kitchen is a great example. How many average riders knew that the fridge was voice activated? I had no idea until this adventure began.

So much detail. What about the other appliances?

Kitchen Kaberet

Chief and I want to move on the the Mesa Verde Kitchen scene. THIS is the only pic I had of it when Horizons closed the first time! Imagine how my life would be today if this were all I had! I'd be drunk and homeless in a gutter, folks. I'd be telling the other homeless dudes "IF I ONLY HAD ONE............MORE................PICTURE!"
Wow I have a lot of pictures of this scene. This should adequately show how much detail went into this attraction. 80% of this scene wasn't visible from the ride vehicle. Seriously.

Re: Audio

HAHA! Ok ok. You guys and gals want audio. Here's what we'll do. I'll capture it all in high quality and provide a link so you can download the mp3. Cool?

Most of the time we'd take the recorder and leave it in a scene until it ran out of tape. We'd come back later and put it somewhere else while we were taking pictures.

Oh! One time were goofing around in the boyfriend/girlfriend projector room and we recorded entire loops of their conversations on two different tracks!

Cool. After I'm done moving I'll get on it.

A Couple YouTube Videos

Here are a couple of our videos that have actually been on YouTube for awhile now. Like I mentioned in an earlier comment, I actually have video (shot from my camera) of Hoot setting up to film these two videos you are seeing here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey! You already know we had our video and still picture cameras BUT we also had our audio recorder. We would take that thing and leave it in scenes to get the full loop several times over. There's plenty of cool background noise and shit like that. Do you want us to post that stuff? I know everybody likes studio tracks so maybe live recordings aren't good enough.

Chief and I like the live tracks because it reminds us that we were really in the scene.

Want 'em?

How many people riding Horizons yelled out "Hi People" to the animatronics? You'd be surprised.

A Couple More

Here are a couple more from above and behind the Sub Repair Room to go along with what Hoot posted earlier here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two new links under "The Round Table" on the right side bar. I've checked them both out and they ROCK.

1. The Future View
2. Horizons: Remote Access Terminal

Two thumbs up from chief and I even though the in ride videos were shot by us and posted by someone else:)


If anyone has a suggested link I'm all ears. It doesn't have to be about Horizons if you follow this blog so comment here and I'll add you. Lay 'em on me.

One more from the catwalk

One more from the restaurant before we move on. Another catwalk shot from a different angle.

A few notes from 'ol Hoot gibson

1. I'm moving this weekend but it shouldn't change the pace of this blog. You'll just think I'm on a lazy streak so it'll be fine. HAHA! Chief will jump in and lay down some future goodness.

2. I love the input from you Horizons junkies! We only have 21 followers and that's just fine with me. We're all that's left and like I said before this is all for you.

3. Did you notice the Google ads on the sidebar? I installed those at the beginning because I wanted to see what Google would serve up based on my keywords. Hilarious! A fish market ad, a band called sea fish I think, "book your Epcot vacation" Why? So you WON'T see the ride that this blog is about?, etc. Hardee frickin' har! On a lighter note Chief and I have made 43 cents!

The Rich and Famous

This is better.

See how hard it was to get these particular pics? There's a ride vehicle right outside of that window. Luckily it was empty.

I love the shrimp cocktails being served, not enough to marry them, but I love them just the same. The couple must have chosen the picture of the shrimp cocktails on the clear menu.

The woman has the BEST hat in all of Horizons hands down! She just got off work being the front woman of JP and the Silver Stars. The man can afford all the shrimp he wants because he plays banjo in World of Motion AND The American Adventure! "Brother can you spare a dime?.....a DIME ? How 'bout you buy two of my shrimp and I'll loan you back the ten cents!"

Yes that's my damned camera strap in the upper right. DAMN IT!

Bubble window one

Oh lord HERE'S a crappy shot. It was the best I could do from the ride vehicle and if we hadn't been able to ride again I guess it would have been good enough. I liked this vignette because the two were holding an unheard conversation. The lip movements were limited so it looked they were saying "bah bah bah....bah bah bah". Maybe it was "pah pah pah" I'm not really sure.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's a picture of the future....farm.....wheely...............This is from Horizons right? I can't remember without more comments from YOU, the last knights of the Horizons round table.
I think it's a Solo Sub.

All Hail the Chief!

I'm so glad Chief is here to blog with me!
I'll tell you what that means in scientific terms......it means twice the info, twice the video, twice the keen observations! Do us a favor and comment as much as you want because we need more opinions and insight. Chief and I are old now and we need your mental stimulation to help paint this picture called Mesa Verde Times. Oh WHO........will help our old asses remember things? Who? (weep weep)

In The Weeds

And here is that unmanned sub on the Sea Floor. Wouldn't you just love to jump in it and go for a ride? :)

Thanks Hoot

First off I just want to thank Hoot for letting me join as a contributor. I am so glad that he started this blog so that we can share our stories, pictures, and videos of our Horizons adventures. It has actually been a long time since I have taken a look at the pictures and videos, and now that we are going thru them again it is really helping bring back all the great memories of what we did. :)

Anyways, on with the show. I thought I would continue on with the last few posts about the SeaPort area and show a few more shots of it. The first one is a pretty neat view I think, it is from up on one of the many catwalks looking down thru the 'holes' in the sets, all the way down to the sea floor. You can see the Sub Repair Room, then the room thats just on the other side of the Undersea Resort (restaurant) with the Sub on the floor, and then of course you can see the sub on the sea floor.

The second shot is basically from a ride vehicle of that floor just underneath the Sub Repair room and next to the Undersea Classroom and just on the other side of the wall of the Undersea Resort (restaurant). In the distance you can see thru the triangular window, the single guy just about to order his tasty lobster. And if I remember correctly there is another triangular style window hidden just behind that purple colored beam in front of the sub, that you could see the dining black couple.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The duo

Here they are clearly ignoring the safety bar. The entire Sea Castle could be destroyed by ONE kid falling into the glass hemisphere!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Wierd Angles

Here are the trio from the catwalk. Nice shot huh? The set exterior was very tall giving the riders the feeling that they were deep under the sea. There's no way you could see the top from your omnimover car which created a very tranquil, deep sea, effect.
The Kelp plants were attached to motors that made them rise up and down with the "current" and a Gobo in front of a spotlight created the water effects. Notice the tension springs on the Kelp strands. They could be adjusted to the right setting for the effect.

I like it here

Let's stay in the restaurant for a little while. The middle window, the previous blogs being the last and highest window, had an Asian mother and daughter looking at a playful seal. ............................. I'm trying really hard to be "PC" here folks. (deep breathe) I ASSUME they are Asian. OK? I'd say they were Asian American but they might not be from America. I'm NOT going to say that they are actually Eskimos who are choosing their next meal. I'm not going to say it so forget it.
Now I've done it. Damn!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time Travel

I finally had time to sit down and post as you see. I had time to think too. I thought about Chief and how much I love him as my pal, I thought about how it felt to "time travel" to 2083 like we all did riding Horizons. I thought about the time period in which this all took place. I thought about Chief and I trying to absorb everything around us like we WERE in the future even though it was all just a set.

I thought about how Horizons is all long gone.

Ebay part 2

Here we go again! I have one of these but only because someone gave it to me. Is this worth even $25? This IS more cool than the grapes but does it make any sense in your living room? Mine's in a box in the garage.

Ebay part one

I just found this on Ebay:

Nice I guess but how much is it worth outside of the ride? I don't personally place great value on things like this because they make me sad. If someone gave it to me for free I'd take it but I wouldn't PAY for it. Maybe I'm goofy? Am I seeing it all wrong? Outside of the big picture this is just a bunch of plastic grapes. Right?

The Kick Ass Menu

There's more detail on this menu than in the entire "Soarin'" ride! It's a clear plastic touch screen wonder! Check out the buttons which are connected to some printed circuitry! Perhaps you order right from your table eliminating that pesky "human" interaction.

I don't have a better pic of the wording but it looks like Latin to me. Am I right? Some of the text repeats so maybe together we can decipher it.

The logo is early 80's greatness. It looks like an Ocean Pacific shirt. Who...oh who... will upload this to cafepress.com so we can all buy t-shirts??

One of you must be wondering what the China pattern is because you'd like to have your own. The answer is.....I don't know! If you figure it out please share with the rest of us.

I'll have the lobster!

Dinner for one

It was hard to get good pics of the restaurant patrons of Sea Castle. It was even harder to get in and out of this scene without being spotted. Again, there was so MUCH rich detail. Look at the blue overhead "thing", the table ware, the art piece next to the window. Stunning! Let's see what's for dinner. "HEY, PAW, WHAT'S FER SUPPER!??"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More catwalk..

Ever wonder what was at the top of that staircase? It ended right there and had a ladder that was the first access to the catwalk. First stop was the mini daughter that was posted earlier.

Vantage point

Try to imagine the awesome view from up there and check out the vast empty space above the scene! That's Sea Castle's sub repair bay. Note the hole in which the Solo Sub was hung as the Beach Boy goofed off at his job.

The Catwalks

Here's a pic of Chief high up on the catwalk. You can see how close it was to the roof as it slopes down to the right. It's not totally visible here but you can see some water damaged ceiling tiles of which there were many. It was also almost pitch black up there but we had our trusty little Mag Lights. How long ago was this? LOOK AT THE SIZE OF CHIEF'S CAMERA! Haha!