Sunday, March 28, 2010

Triangular Dead Space

Ok, so this clip here was shot by yours truly on the day we did our first extended stay. It starts off in the little hiding place that we have talked about before in earlier posts. We are waiting in here, calculating the time that the car we were riding in would reach unload, to see if any alarms would go off since it would be empty!! :) Heh, but of course nothing of the sort happened.

Then we have a couple shots from the space catwalk, undersea catwalk, and then behind the mesa verde grove. And as I watch these again, I hate the fact that its so dark, I really wish there was a way to see it exactly how we saw it when our eyes adjusted to the dark. :( At one point behind the grove you can see me turn my camera light on for a few seconds. But unfortunately I didnt leave it on for very long, 1. because it burned thru my battery real quick, and 2. I was scared someone would see us for sure if we were walking around with a spotlight on. While I am looking thru one of the holes that Hoot gets one of our cool harvester shots from (that we have shown in earlier posts) you can hear the ride stop speil, then you can here us talking about finding a hiding spot, we were always certain that the ride was stopping because of us. :)

Then when our stay is done, we find a gap, and get back to the front of the cars and follow our gap out like the good old days. At one point at the kitchen, I turn around and shine my light at the cave again, then I run up the stairs to no where behind the daughters computer room. It might be kinda hard to tell here, but we are very excited because it appears that our mission was a success, although we still have to exit the ride. And by mission I mean our plan to see if we could indeed stay in the ride for hours and not get caught. Because if this worked, then this opened up a whole new realm of possibilities, no longer would we be restricted by how large our gap was. You can hear me (right after Hoot gets his monkeyshine on with the octopus) talking about what a 'fun ass fuckin day' it was, then in space you can hear my schoolboy excitement again talking about 'we were up there man', meaning when we were up on the catwalk above space. Then right after that we point out where Hoot almost died on an earlier trip, which we posted about before.

Then we finally come around to unload, we are nervous but excited. We tell ourselves to just be confident and walk out like normal. Then you can see our relief and hear Hoot proclaim '4 goddamn hours later', hehe, damn it was awesome, mission success! Then I love it right at the end of this clip, you can hear Hoot asking me if we want to ride again. Heh, we could never get enough, we were just in there for 4 hours, and we are still thinking we can get one more ride-thru before future world closes! Enjoy!

20,000 Leagues Under the Gun -part two

When we last left our brave heroes they were in a jam! Forced to take refuge behind a rock, in which a blinking octopus stood guard, Hoot and Chief waited.....

The hiding space wasn't very big and didn't provide a much needed view of the oncoming ride vehicles.

Hoot took a peek.

No empty cars!

Just then the unthinkable happened. The ride stopped running!

They waited......

They could hear some little kid talking to his dad.

Just then the little cuss saw something...

The kid actually spotted Hoot!

Hoot pulled himself in tighter. This must have been the longest breakdown in history. Minutes turned into tens of minutes. There was simply no way out.

Eventually hunger set in and poor Chief, with no "Hot Pockets" on hand, snapped.

Human beings stand little chance of surviving under these conditions.

Hoot started to look mighty tasty! Chief was going for the breast meat. (he doesn't like chicken on the bone)

Suddenly the ride started up again!

It was time to get out of there.

Chances were slim that they'd get an empty car without being seen.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

We're back! Cool stuff on the way!

Hi, Horizons Fans!

The economy finally hit me but I'm happy to say I have a brand new boring job to replace my old boring job! Now that the "real life" shit is over we can get back to having fun on MVT.

To kick us back into gear I'd Like to introduce an awesome blog/podcast. Dave's Disney View.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the fourth installment of Dave's INCREDIBLE podcast series on Horizons. Give that link up there a click and listen to me run my mouth! I damn near sound like I know what I'm talking about!

I'm scanning the last few pages of "20,000 Leagues Under The Gun". Should be ready later today for your reading pleasure.

PS. Chief posted a new video on our Youtube channel. It'll show up here soon and Chief will give you a description of what's going on in the footage.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


One year has passed. It's incredible.

We have had Google ads on this blog all along in hopes that someday we'd be able to buy the Horizons ride vehicle at Mouse Surplus. So here's the update:

So far we've made $41.20. That means we only have to make $9957.80 to buy our vehicle! Thank God Mouse Surplus dropped the price from $14,000 to $9,999,00.

It'll be ours soon!


Aw ya shouldn't have!

We'll, folks, I was so busy screwing around with the comic that I didn't realize we hit our one year mark on Monday! Wow! It's been an awesome year and this blog's been nothing but fun for Chief and I. The things we've learned, the people we've met...........simply awesome.

We have a LONG way to go so get ready for another year of Horizons fun!

Monday, March 1, 2010

20,000 Leagues Under the Gun -part one

Issue #2 of Hoot and Chief True Life Action Comics!

Our story begins on another Wednesday night. Hoot and Chief were making their way past the moron selling inflatable balls.....

They finally came upon the object of their desire. Both of the foul mouthed bastards stood silent.

After a brief prayer to the Gods of future living......they rode. The bottom of the sea was their goal.

Sea Castle comes into view. Hoot and Chief had a healthy gap, just enough to jump down through the hole and get some pictures of the sea floor.

Across the set and down the hole.

Try not to land on the Solo Sub!

In the rush of excitement our heroes overlooked one small detail. The hole was to high to provide a way back out.

This was before the days of staying in the ride which meant that in just a few seconds they'd be in full view of the Guests!!!!!!!!

Holy dancing shit biscuits! Will our heroes survive another adventure? Will the blinking octopus rip them to pieces with it's rubber tentacles? Will some bored little kid point them out to his father? Did he really see Hoot's shoe?

Find out in the exciting conclusion of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE GUN!