Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey, folks! Remember my dear Sunnycide Gibson? Well, she was inspired by Farming of the Future (not the horrible shit in "Food Inc") and has decided to teach us all about Organic Future Farming. I really like this because all along I thought she wasn't paying attention while riding Horizons.....but yes! She made great points like "The Future Farm is family run! It's not a huge corporate mess!" She's right.

She just started this blog last night so give it time.

So far I've only seen fan art here. Sunnycide is going to put actual Horizons ideals to use. She'll match the Nova Cite garden porch I guarantee it.

Follow her blog. Trust me.


  1. "Food Inc."... that was a watershed event for my family. We saw it about 4 months ago and my daughter hasn't eaten meat since - seriously, none at all. Very interesting and revealing movie though. Certainly made me think about where the hell our food comes from.

    But, more to the point, I shall dutifully follow Ms. Sunnycide's teachings on all things organic.

    At some point you guys need to start a commune based on Horizons. I'll get my spandex suit ready and start growing a Nemo-esque beard.

  2. I saw Food Inc. and just wanted a big steak afterward. I know where our food comes from. I killed thousands of steer and hogs at my job in college, and it just made me want more meat. The less "organic", the better.