Sunday, September 26, 2010

The End

Wow, man! What a ride! Mesa Verde Times has been an incredible experience to Chief and I.

I think we both feel we're nearing the end of this tale. The last of the pics are coming at you hard and should last 'til the new year at which point we'll be at the end of this adventure.

Fresh Roasted Corn will act as the pre/post show for Mesa Verde Times.

Thank you to all of you that contributed to Sunnycide and the fight against Breast Cancer. From my heart thanks to each and every one of you:)


  1. Boo.

    It is what it is, all good things must come to an end.

  2. So sad. I loved coming to see all the posts, but I understand that there is only so much content. Appreciate all the hard work on the blog and I only hope blogspot doesn't go anywhere so people can enjoy the pictures and video for years to come.

  3. Wait! Wait! Wait!

    I thought you guys had more audio and stuff?!

    Thanks for all you shared... You added a deeper layer of understanding for those of us who already love this pavilion.

    Will be following you on Fresh Roasted Corn.

  4. To quote Dr. Manhattan: "Nothing ever ends."

  5. I thought I remember reading that you had complete audio files of the entire attraction?!

    I'd had to see this blog go, but I understand you guys have other priorites.

  6. Did you say once that you also did unauthorized trips backstage at the Pirates of the Carribean ride? Will that be at the new blog? I hope so.

    Anyways thanks for sharing all your cool stuff

  7. What an incredibly unselfish, generous act it was to share these memories with us. It's been an true honor to be allowed to travel back to a time when the spirit of Walt was still embodied in these great epic attractions. When imagination and learning still had value at WDW.

    For me Horizons was part of a incredible summer trip my 2 younger brothers and my Dad took to go see the "new" EPCOT Center in the summer of 1985. I was on my very first paid vacation, just out of college a year as a young technologist.

    We drove all night from Ottawa to Washington DC, stopped at the Air and Space Museum, watched "The Dream is Alive" in IMAX, narrated by Cronkite-- was blown away.Back in the car, a day or so later, standing beside the mighty Saturn V at Cape Canaveral, walking the same gangway the led the brave astronauts to the heavens.... awe inspiring
    Next day EPCOT--we enjoyed SSE and WOM ( especially since Dad was an auto mechanic and great lover of transportation ), but Horizons was just mind-blowing-- the 4 of us piled into the car and left for the future.

    2 days before, i saw the film of space travel , the day before i saw the vehicles of space travel, and in Horizons , i got to make the journey myself...
    Thank you so much for allowing me to make that trip one more time.

    Since Walt is no longer with us, we are grateful for good people like Hoot and Chief, to try and pass along the true spirit of Walter E Disney. Well Done boys!!

    you dreamt it-- you did it!!