Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fresh Audio

Oh boy audio fans! I have two lovely clips for you in honor of it being Wednesday! It's also national Fiji Merman Day in, where else, Norway!

These two clips were obtained using a process developed by Concourse Six Laboratories in which one leaves an audio recording device in a Disney ride and returns later to retrieve it. You therefore get several looping full segments and one hell of an idea of the atmosphere in that portion of the ride. The proper term used to describe this maneuver is "Drop Off".

This is when we did a drop off in the "Choose your Tomorrow" star field room.

Of course in the Space scene with all of the different sounds.

More to come. Enjoy!


  1. awesome Hoot!

    fuck i miss this ride! :(

  2. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

  3. you guys are fucking awesome!!!! great stuff !!!

  4. These are amazing - especially the Space one. The audio, combined with the fact that I have a pair of pants in my dirty laundry basket that's covered in campfire smoke that smells like the cave scene in Spaceship Earth, makes me feel like I'm really at EPCOT Center in the 80s or 90s. Now excuse me while I head over to the LIVING Seas WITHOUT Nemo and Friends, so I can ride the Sea Cabs and Hydrolators and watch "The Deluge".

    Also, hooray! I'm finally caught up on this blog! On the flip side, being caught up also means that I'm out of Horizons content to drool over until more is posted. Time to catch up on Fresh Roasted Corn.

  5. Help... help... help... getting a 503 error - service unavailable!

  6. :(
    Ta dando erro! Queria tanto escutar a nova versão!

  7. This blog is my happy place. I come here to reminisce about how great EPCOT used to be and to escape to my favorite ride.
    Thank you so much for this. I still haven't seen all of it.
    ~Infinite Patience