Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walt and the Promise of Progress City

Order up! Now here's a book that is top on the Hoot Gibson Holiday wish list.

"Walt and the Promise of Progress City is an amazing new book that explores how Walt Disney—the master of fiction—was determined to bring new life to the non-fiction world of city design and development and, in doing so, fundamentally improve the Great American way of life."

If you're into Horizons you'll be doing yourself a huge favor by learning more about the original EPCOT. Not "center" not lower case "Epcot". I say that because Horizons was the tail end (last) of the Walt Disney style visions of the future. I can't wait to get mine and further school myself on EPCOT the city.


  1. Hoot - I just got mine on my Kindle and am a few pages into it. It looks very good so far with lots of history of how WDW/EPCOT started and the original vision (which didn't include bulldozing the attraction that was the greatest tribute to that vision).

    I also want to give a shout out for Leonard Kinsey's book "The Dark Side of Disney" which I just finished. It was really great and I blazed through because it was fun as hell and very interesting too. Definitely should be required reading for everyone here.

  2. Thanks for,the kind words. A fun project. Enjoy the ride.

    Sam Gennawey