Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Red Head- Final

You longtime readers know that ol' Hoot and Chief are a couple of wild cards. We can't leave anything we're interested in alone and that's why we find ourselves in tight situations. Our desire for knowledge drives us and, once again, it may have drove us too far.

We've known the name of our favorite Horizons actor for many months now after receiving a tip from one of our MVT friends. I went hunting, found her, talked to her on the phone, found out some amazing facts.....etc.

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Malcolm is asking the guy "You were so into whether or not you COULD do it that you forgot to ask yourselves if you SHOULD do it" or something like that. I feel that way right now. Not to say that I found something horrible. Don't get me wrong. She was very nice to me on the phone but wanted nothing to do with her 80's film career. I get that so I thanked her for her time and let it be.

But......WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I talked to THE redhead on the phone! Same voice! Ran chills right up my god damned spine!!!!!!!!!!

<------------------------- Life Spoiler Ahead. Think twice before scrolling down--------------->

I was a little sad about the phone call. Why wouldn't she want to celebrate the fact that SHE was the Icon of future cute girls in an attraction that millions of people enjoyed? Right? oh well.

Her name is Corinne Cook. She was an actress in California and appeared in a few movies, two before and two after her role in Horizons.

  1. B.O.R.N. (1988) (as Corine Cook) .... Jody
    ... aka "Merchants of Death" - USA (DVD title)
  2. Getting Straight (1986) .... Ronnie
  3. Malibu Hot Summer (1981) .... At the singing contest
    ... aka "Sizzle Beach, U.S.A." - USA (reissue title)
  4. Don't Answer the Phone! (1980) .... Rikki
I guess some people wouldn't be very proud of these films. Personally I'm proud of any crazy shit I've been a part of and would celebrate any of it at the drop of a hat. Some people are different than Hoot Gibson. I've located all of these films on DVD and VCR. Classics! Malibu Hot Summer even features Kevin Costner!

I'm sure that some Disney fan group will contact her and put together a fitting tribute ($29.99 on DVD) in the future. Chief and I, well we don't have the time or patients for people who won't talk to us. There are a lot of people who don't want to talk to us.

This one's for you, boys but mostly for Eric_w:)







A few minutes on the phone with Hoot Gibson. Is that such a bad thing?


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  1. I wish she wanted to particiate on this site more with a more traditional interview. But excellent detective work tracking her down.

  2. Exceedingly well done Hoot. It's times like these I really love the internet. The obscure memories of my childhood made real again.

    MVT rules.

  3. Wow, I'm not sure if you call that "detective work" or "stalking".

  4. Wow, I'm really creeped out now.

  5. Yea, not sure, I think some things were better left unseen :-p.

    The innocence... of Horizons. *pooof* It'll take me some time to clear my mind of that but hey, some people have tried interesting things to make it to the big time.

    Definitely looks much different in Horizons than in the movies. She's still attractive today!

  6. By the way, great detective work...

  7. Did you manage to catch what she's doing these days, aside from avoiding the 80's?

  8. It's a magic killer for sure that's why I put the spoiler alert. I'm not really happy with what we found but I believe it's a part of the attractions history. Good or bad it is what it is.

    I hope we never find pictures of Fitzgerald running around in pink satin but it won't stop me from looking.

    She's been out of acting for a long time. It's kind of a shame because she was pretty good in her roles. She could have been a Disney Channel staple or something with that wholesome look.

  9. You are kidding? How did you score this gem????

    Did you ask her what it was like to meet the man that would eventually kill Disney Imagineering?

    You guys are effin' Gods.

  10. I asked her if she could tell us a little about being called by Disney for this roll. She said "I don't really recall that hehe". I asked her about her other films and she said "I don't remember but you sound nice. I'm sorry but I can't help you there". I was like "ok then. I get it. so....... when they called you to come to Disney..."

    Her: " hahaha"
    Me: "I hate to keep pressing this but you have a huge fan base on Mese Verde times"
    Her: Ok. Bye Hoot"


    Me: Shit!

  11. Hoot my brother... I can't thank you enough for this, man. Sorry I'm so late to chime in here on this but damn am I glad I checked in tonight. Somehow the stars have aligned because it's my birthday in a few days and you, my friend, have just given me the greatest present I'll get this year (um... except for whatever my wife is getting me if she reads this).

    What you said about this being part of the attraction's history is very true. For me, this doesn't spoil a thing but just adds another interesting chapter to the Horizons saga. Very cool, and I'm very glad you posted all this. I must say, seeing my name mentioned in the last entry on this icon... thanks, man. Perfect gift.

    And to Corinne if she ever gets curious and secretly checks this blog - don't be freaked out by all of us. It's just that you're a living tie to an important and cool thing from the past that no longer exists. If you were ever to come to Florida and take the stage with Kyle's band while they play Universe of Energy... well I think time might actually start to flow backwards and we very well could witness the anti-destruction of Horizons.

  12. Two words...restraining order.

  13. Two more words...Fucking Awesome!

  14. With all due respect to Ms. Cook and her understandable desire to not reflect at length on her previous film roles, I don't think you crossed any lines here outside of the line in my head which keeps the Horizons redhead of 1983 on one side and the Horizons redhead of 2010 way over here on the other side. She should be SO flattered that anyone remembers her work and, I'd think, to learn that she gave rise to countless adolescent fascinations that came out of Horizons.

  15. You have just destroyed whatever parts of my brain remain after so many years of sniffing Lorange scent. Amazing. Just amazing. Every day I thank the heavens for bringing us the internet - exactly for things like this. Who knew? Everyone's favorite redhead of the future. And now we know who she is. Crazy.

  16. Wow, kudos for getting an interview with her! But I get really angry with actors/actresses who are ashamed of their past roles.

    Maybe if she was uncomfortable with her "hot summer" roles because they were trashy and she had kids, etc. that would be understandable. But being involved in a Disney ride and then refusing to talk about it is really silly.

    I managed to track down an actress who I looked up to as a kid (it was a Pokemon thing). She talked to me a little about it, but it was clear that she regarded it as like a black spot on her resume. You don't disrespect a role for being small or childish - it's really rude, especially to your fans.

  17. I was googling my mother, Corine Cook, out of boredom, and this is what came up. I am very shocked to read this, because she IS the woman in all of the pictures from the 80's, but she is NOT the woman you called and interviewed with on the phone. She is not the woman that is pictured at the end of the article. The woman you talked to on the phone did not answer questions about her 80's career, because she is not your favorite Horizon's actress, she is some random woman named Corinne Cook as well. My mother's name, now is Corine Gulli, and she would be more than happy to hold an interview with you about her past career.

    1. McCall,

      I agree with you that someone made a mistake and called the wrong person that day.

      YES, I do validate and verify that the person pictured at the end of the Blog is not the Corine that I remember and that you, yourself, see in person.

      Even though I have never seen any of the films that your mother has played in.

      Seeing her hair style and clothes in Merchants of Death.

      I do remember how Risque she talked and acted in person before an acting career.

      Fair Thee Well, all