Saturday, December 28, 2013

X-Rated Motels of the Future

 I love to read articles like this one. It's funny how different reporters perceived EPCOT Center, it's attractions, it's impact etc. This article's fun because it mentions X-rated Motels as well as Horizons. 

 It's no surprise to me because the few times we stayed overnight in the Disney area we stayed at horrible roach motels on 192. You see folks, my mom's a very interesting person. She didn't (and still doesn't) give a shit about "a nice Hotel". She wants the cheapest and that's that. 

 Mom: I'm going in to check the rates. You kids hide on the floor so they don't see you.
 Me: There's a man laying in the bushes.
 Mom: Well that's none of our God damned business!
 Dad: If he messes with us he'll be running around without an ass.

Mom: Yes, sir, what are your room rates?
Clerk: $3 an hour, baby.
Mom: Wonderful! I'll take 6 hours please.

Mom: Hoot take that bucket down and get some ice.
Me: I'm afraid, Mom. I heard gun shots.
Me: But we saw the fireworks.
Mom: They shoot 'em off all night. Everybody knows that.
Me: Can't you send sis? She's older than me.
Mom: Hell no! She'll get raped or something. Get going.

Me: They have a juice machine by the ice. Can I have some change for an orange juice?
Mom: How much are they?
Me: 25 cents

The good 'ol days:)


  1. This is a great article because it brings back memories of when I went to EPCOT in the 80s when new pavilions and rides were still being constructed. Well, I guess they still are to some degree but it's just not the same as it was back then. It's cool to read this account of the living seas, Morocco, and Norway being planned and developed because I remember being there for a lot of it. I want to re-live it all.

    I sound like an old man.

  2. On the only trip to WDW trip I ever took with just my dad, had had reservations somewhere. Once at the hotel, he noticed a lower price next door, and decided to keep driving. We drove a mile further and ended up at a $20/night place ran by a mom and son. It was rough but no worse and a Motel 6. It even had laundry machines. I used this hotel for years, usually around that price (no maid service discount) or a bit more during peak times.... But I never let me feet touch the floor.

    I spent much of my waiting time this weekend reading through this site. Great fun. I had my first digital camera in 1996. A guy who knew me through my disneyfans website alerted me of horizon going away and asked me to take as many pictures as I could my next trip. I did what I could, with the tech of the day (99 pics max, 640x480). I am so glad so many others did the same.

    I expect I rode it more than anything else at E.P.C.O.T. (I first visited the park the first summer it was open, and recall the excitement of horizons, living seas, Norway, etc. being added... Nothing all new since?)

  3. I just laughed my ass off reading your family convo!

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