Monday, August 3, 2009

Future Living with Fonzi

Here are a couple more shots from our trips with our old friend Bionic Fonzi. There are a couple decent shots from wierd angles in the Urban Habitat and Desert Habitat. And you can see how sometimes we would take a more "fun" route thru a set, such as the grove control station. Mostly to get a better picture, but also because it was fun. :) Next video will be Sea Castle area with Fonzi.


  1. These are so awesome!!!

    Although you were idiots, I love you for it.

    I was born in 93, and if I did ever ride Horizons I have no recollection of it. Its amazing to look through all these photos and videos though!

  2. I am curious as to why you think we were idiots?

  3. Best vid yet fellas!

    Not sure what's up with the "idiots" comment. Perhaps a little jealousy?

    Y'all gonna plug my merch?

  4. Nice shot of the future cornish hen in the microwave!

  5. Anoother successful escape to the future!!
    Great Video!! The shots with cars going by really help orient things. You really capture the excitement of it all.

    I liked when one of you were running in front of the background of the desert? , you get a sense of the scale of the background scenery-- huge!!

  6. Idiots!? We're true American Heroes, kid!

    Did they call Louis and Clark "idiots" when they discovered Africa?! Did they call Aunt Jemima an idiot when she invented the pancake?! When Bill Gates invented the computer was he an idiot?! When George Washington defended Pearl Harbor against the Vikiing attacks was HE an idiot, sir?....NO! How about when Ben Franklin invented lightning was he an idiot too? Was Abe Lincoln an idiot when he fought Scarlett O'Hara's crazy father for rights to the invention of cotten....HELL NO!

    You have us all wrong Shawn. We were sugar fuiled first class American adventurers! To call us idiots is to spit on the American flag, you Nazi!

  7. Some notes.

    Check out 1:31. The Plexiglass fridge panels have a huge crack running across them:(

    At 1:24 I pinch the kid's face just to see how thick the skin was.

    1:27 shows the Mickey Mouse wrapping paper.

  8. Hoot, nice rant.

    Except you spelled cotton wrong. Idiot.


    Hey, do you have any stuff of you guys walking around the undersea section where the guy puts his wife in her place with "Kelp, bitch!" Okay, he didn't say "bitch"...but he was thinking it.

  9. Jstone, That's the way they spelled it before the letter "O" was recognized as a real letter (1943?). You could only use it once in any given word because of the war of 1812.

    We have some kelp scenes! Women don't use the word "kelp" because of Harriet Tubman.

    This has been "American History, Today and the Other Days" with your host Hoot Gibson.

  10. I knew it! I knew history went down like that. Wait till I tell my history teacher he was wrong the whole time.


    Is that how you would say hello to the Horizons family? By harassing their face, shame shame

  11. I wouldn't call you guys "idiots" - I'd call you "insane" - but some of the most creative geniuses in history were insane...

  12. The shot of the kid is startling and amazing.

  13. Hey where is the "old man himself, Jules Verne"? I'm sure you've got some good shots showing the rods into his and the chicken's back


  14. "Shit, we're only on 13." Another amazing video guys. When we gonna' be getting some more Sea Castle video?

  15. Haha, ok, so idiots is a bit harsh.

    We'll go with "way braver than I would be and thus I must look down on you"

  16. Very cool. You guys are American folk heroes; 21st century Paul Bunyans. I still think "Bionic Fonzi" would be a great name for a rock band.

  17. This video was a little sad for me... While I've loved every other one so far... I felt this one 'pulled back the curtain' a little too much for me.

    I saw how small the scale of the orange groves actually was...

    Keep 'em coming. Gotta love the Fonz.

  18. This is amazing! I can't believe Disney hasn't asked you guys to take these down.