Monday, August 3, 2009


Somewhere out there there's a person with similar World of Motion material. We're waiting to see that blog so don't be shy, person, lay it on us!


  1. Yeah... lay it on us!! I will admit that I was a much bigger fan of WOM than Horizons after my first visit the the "World" in 1990, but that's just because I'm a certified GM car nut. But 2nd on the list was Horizons, and now in retrospect Horizons is my #1 EPCOT CENTER attraction (and thanks to Hoot & Chief, I get to relive that first trip to EPCOT and my inaugural ride on Horizons forever). It's a huge shame my two favorite attractions are no longer a part of Epcot :(

  2. I agree, until this blog I was always going back and forth between Future Probe and The Transportation Pavillion, but Hoot and Chief made me swear my loyalty to Century III. I do remember as a kid riding everything at EPCOT Center and getting the sense that it was all like one big ride, everything connected.

    Whoever has this blog.. lay it on the line.

  3. There's got to be someone out there. Castmember or not. However, as I go over old videos WOM was a lot more open making it harder to accidentally fall out of your ride vehicle. Also, the show scenes were more of a diorama offering less places to hide. It would have to happen later at night.