Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Hoot and Chief Foundation" Achievement Award

This year's "Hoot and Chief Foundation" Achievement Award goes to none other than long time MVT fan Kyle!
In a daring act of Horizons passion, Kyle and his lovely partner Jenn of Tomorrow, were able to sweet talk the nice people at Mouse Surplus into making this incredible shot happen.
Kyle, who has displayed an unfailing love for Horizons through such ventures as "Hadley's Hope", is seen here "looking toward tomorrow" atop the famous $14,000 ride vehicle.

If Kyle can dream it, he can do it.


  1. Now if I only had $14,000!

    This is great man!

  2. It's on sale for only $10,000 if you get it at Mouse Surplus!!! What a deal!

  3. Hmmm i recognize that :)
    i visited Mouse Surplus in April, hoping for a bit more stuff for sale then mostly hotel furniture that they had, i was looking for more signs, or parts from rides, or electronics, but to no avail.

    But taking this picture made the trip worthwhile

    It wont let me post a link, so i'm gonna try to put it on my name. try clicking it

  4. Is that a giant chip in the vehicle on the top there under Kyle's left leg? Did they mention anything about that at mousesurplus? I would totally talk them down on the price for that...

  5. If you guys ever give out any trophies for anything, they should be in the form of the top picture with Kyle standing proud, looking off to the "horizon" from the top of the vehicle.

    Great picture.

  6. "Kyle.. has asked me to tell you, in a very long speech which I cannot share with you presently- because of time- but I will be glad to share with the press afterward, that he must... very regretfully cannot accept this generous award. And the reason for this being... the treatement of the Horizons attraction by the imagineers.. excuse me, and in lame re-issue pins, and also the amount of horror that Mission:Space has bestowed upon the general public. I hope in the future we will meet with love and Robida Flats. Thank you on behalf of Kyle."

    -Gary Sinise, in full Indian garb, accepting my award


  7. On a side note, we were literally packing up and leaving and someone at Mouse Surplus said "Why didn't you climb up there?". At first very confusing but within a second my scrawny ass is up that thing. While up there I discover that even the dirt and grease that is still up there is more awesome than your average dirt and grease. Not to mention I rubbed a good amount of Horizons track grease into the guitar, which I am sure will endow it with the power of God. After a good 2 minutes of pictures they start getting nervous and ask me to get down.

    The vehicle is complete save for the push-button selector for the endings. That missing chunk in the front is in a piece that is relatively soft.

  8. The push buttons are still there, you need to shine some light at them! So they want $10,000 now. Back in 06 it was $7,500. Strange how no one would pay $7,500 but increase the price to $14,000 and it will sell right? I'm guessing they really don't want to sell it and I don't blame them. And as for the damage you can tell they take great care of their merchandise at the old mouse surplus. I'm planning a trip this december and hope to stop by and see the vehicle again.

  9. I wonder what number that car was... maybe it's had some personal encounters with Hoot and Chief!

    Though it appears they're still trying to sell it, or one like it, on ebay for ONLY $9,999....