Friday, November 20, 2009

Urban Habitat Backdrop

Here is a shot of the Urban Habitat backdrop painting. I really wish we had the cameras of today back then, so I could've taken a thousand pictures of this painting, zoomed in on every square inch. Oh well. :(

Grandma and Grandpa sure had a fine view of the city. Very peaceful looking, but I wonder why there are not any "flying cars" flying around? I understand in the context of the ride, it would've made the scene too static or fake if they were painted on, but they could've used the same type of projection like the flying harvester in the grove? Maybe they tried it and it didn't look good, or maybe it was a cost issue and they had to pick and choose where they wanted projections?

I know I have beat this horse to death, but I still just cannot imagine someone tearing thru this wall with a backhoe and then throwing this artwork in the dumpster. :(


  1. Did they really do that? Not even archive the attraction but just destroy it in place.?

    Too horrible to think about.

  2. I'm surprised Disney didn't find a way to sell it.

  3. Horizons [or the backdrop artist] should be credited for NOT including flying cars. I think they were going for realism, and most experts will agree that flying cars are not a plausible [or safe] eventuality.