Sunday, December 6, 2009

Close enough!

I realize it wasn't the best idea to ask folks to "enhance" this piece of Disney property. Martin Smith did the next best thing so I hereby declare him the WINNER!

Don't worry though. Chief and I are coming up with more fun ways to win free Horizons stuff! Stay tuned!

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  1. I went back to this one, as it was the one related to what I'm here for;
    Something I've noticed, that I guess either people haven't or felt was unassociated, on the other side of this very piece of cargo is a sticker with the location of 'Alpha Centauri'. My thoughts are that these are also a nod to horizons as well. While the only two stations even mentioned in the ride are Brava and Omega; however, there's a mention of a whole 'Centauri line of spacestations' in the ad at the beginning, so who's to say Alpha isn't one of them? If not, it's a good coincidence.

    Lastly, in the same exit section, there is the future living scene, that people say resemble horizons. well, if you in a glass case to the back, there is what looks like a spaceship earth model (that one's easy). above it, however, is a glass construction that looks suspiciously created in a familiar angled shape... it's horizons from what i could tell, or close to it. it's just standing on tall supports.

    I just felt like sharing a bit.