Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Favorite Redhead

Ok, so here we have the best we could get for the daughter part of the video phone call, or whatever you want to call it. And Hoot will have to chime in here in the comments to correct me and/or fill in any details I might have forgotten. My memory has never been real good, and as I get older its only getting worse. :)

Anyways, at the beginning you can see Hoot trying to setup the camera on a tripod to try and get a good shot of the projection screen. But the tripod wasnt tall enough, and there just wasnt a real good spot to get a good shot. Not like the guys projection, as you could see in my 'The Human Clock' post. The projection room was much closer to the screen for the girl film than the projection setup for the guy film. So when we realized we were not going to be able to get a good shot of the screen within range of hearing the audio too, we decided to get what we could get.

So the first long stretch of black screen, is Hoots camera sitting in the projection room to pick up the audio. And of course you can hear the projector and on occasion us making some noises too, sorry. :) Then you can see Hoot pick up his camera, and you get a brief look of the projection out of the glass window in the projector room. Then we setup the camera outside of the booth to the right side, and film the back of the screen from the side at an angle, not the best shot, but it was the best way we could figure out at the time with what we had. Now, when you are watching this part, the guys audio you are hearing is not the audio for his AA in the undersea set, that is the audio from the girls bedroom video screen. You can kinda tell this just by watching, because his audio doesnt match up with her projection. Rememember, we are behind the scenes here, and the backside of those two sets were actually very close. And you will see after we finish filming almost 2 loops of her, Hoot keeps recording as we head back to base camp, and the audio of the guy just gets louder and louder as we crawl there. Base camp was right under the kitchen and girls bedroom sets. I have a pretty decent shot of base camp filmed from my camera where I turn on my lamp, so its not quite so dark. :) I will be posting that sometime in the near future. Enjoy!


  1. Very nice Chief - thanks. My favorite part is in the beginning when it's dark and she says "I'll be waiting for you". It's very mesmerizing and has a whole new meaning that way.

  2. Chief, you're right on the money. The projector room we were in didn't give us a good shot so went out the door and got the best loop we could.

    The projector room housed both film machines for the girl and boy. On the wall were two speaker boxes so the technician could match the film to the audio track. We recorded both on audio tape using a special mic.

    The room itself was air conditioned and had a filter to keep the dust down. It also had a splicing machine and shit like that. The best thing was the trash can which carried rolls of used film. Chief and decided to do our part and empty it for them.

  3. Awesome! Wow, they really make the "loop seam" obvious.

  4. Anyone know who the girl is? was that ever released?

  5. Greg - I've searched the crap out of Google and can't find any trace of her. Our only hope is that she finds this little corner of the internet one day and sends our leaders a message. When we do have a Horizons party one day, she'd make a hell of a guest of honor.

  6. Ohh, and I agree Eric_w, the "I'll be waiting for you" part at the end is the best! :)

  7. Yep. Corrine Cook.

    Chief and I found her but she hasn't granted us an interview yet. I've been begging her for three weeks now:(

  8. Ho Ho Horizons hombres. Feliz Navidad, as they said on El Rio del Tiempo. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday and gets a big lump of Brava Centauri in your stocking.

  9. Twas the morning of Christmas and all through through the blog,
    Not a Cool Person was stirring – were they drunk on eggnog?

    No Hoot and no Chief, I'm hoping they're fine,
    Perhaps they've been drinking some Flavo-grape wine.

    I'll check back in later 'cause I really do care,
    I just hope they're not passed out in their Christmas under-wear.

    My presents are all open and I'm starting to think,
    That no one has got me my Lorange-juice drink.

    My requests they were simple and to Santa they went,
    Triapples, a hoverlift and some orange-ee scent.

    How hard could it be to find these three things,
    It's not like I wanted big diamonds and rings.

    Just some stuff to remind me of a place I loved tons,
    A vision of the future that was called Hor-i-zons.

    It's gone now, they killed it, and on its hallowed place,
    They built some damned thing that's called Mission Space.

    I've tried it and tried it but I just can't find peace,
    While sitting and listening to Gary Sinise.

    But at least we have this to temper those crimes,
    This wonderful blog called Mesa Verde Times.

    We can see what it was like, when Imagineers cared,
    To create such a place, no detail was spared.

    Along comes these guys to help with our grief,
    The great ones, they're known as The Hoot and The Chief.

    So our days are now brighter, I can share with my kids,
    These freaking cool pictures and fabulous vids.

    I look forward each day to an interesting post,
    To learn something new 'bout the place I love most.

    But now I must leave to eat Christmas dinner,
    Tonight I'll lay down, likely not any thinner.

    But as I lay in my bed after food and some drink,
    There one thing I'm sure that about I will think.

    I'll lay there and sleep in my warm toasty bed,
    And I'll dream, yes I'll dream about that red-head.

    (Happy Holidays to all of you cool people)

  10. I also noticed that in the background of the portion of the video showing the film loop that you can see the fiber optic machine that generates the effect on Beach Boy's tool. Every once in a while, the fiber optics pulse.