Tuesday, January 12, 2010


To me, kind folks, this is the Dead Sea scrolls. I dug around, I found it, and I'm happy as hell. This simple two page spread holds SO much history for me for it is part of the seed that lead to the adventures of Hoot and Chief. Let's go back in time to 1983.

Story time with Uncle Hoot is about to begin. Please do NOT remain seated and do not keep your hand and arms inside the vehicle.

10th grade 1983. Hoot Gibson is in the waiting room of the principals office. Another idea that seemed good to me at the time went wrong. I was sitting there flipping through some sort of scholastic magazine when I came across this two page spread. IT WAS HORIZONS!!!!!! In true Hoot fashion I loosened the staples and preserved this wonderful piece.

I was called in by the nice office people who knew me by name. It was my turn, once again, to face my good friend Ms Gibb.

Ms Gibb ran through the usual banter about how my future life depended on my grades (which turned out to be bullshit). The speech turned into blah blah blah because I was reading this fantastic article over and over again. "HOOT GIBSON! Are you listening to me"? I wasn't. We had been through this song and dance sooooo many times and being an honest person I said "no...sorry".

Ms Gibb grabbed this very piece of paleo-future from my hands, looked at it, and said "this is your problem, Hoot. All you care about are these comic books". WHAT!??? This came from a magazine in her own office! She didn't even read it! This was an ad for GE and Horizons!!!!!!!!!! It was intended to give kids hope and to inspire learning!

Little things like this make you question authority.

Luckily I still have this piece of history. I've kept it all these years. Enjoy it, my friends.


  1. This is friggin' awesome. I thought I had seen everything Horizons and then you f'ers pop out this little gem.

    Nice work fellas.

  2. Thanks, Jstone423! You haven't commented in awhile. Glad you're back!

  3. Incredible artifact! Great story too!

  4. I'm more than a little sad that the world has moved past a time where thinking about the future meant anticipating pinanas, mulapples and watermelon-sized oranges you drink with a straw.

  5. That totally looks like a battle going on over the orange groves. PEW PEW PEW PEW!!!!

  6. Nice piece of history. I miss Horizons more than ever .

  7. Great Horizons story! And what a rare find!

  8. Atari should have redone Demons to Diamonds as a Harvester scene-based game. "Collect the most points before the storm warnings come in!"

  9. This image and its headline needs to be on a T-shirt. I'd buy that shirt. I'd buy the hell out of that shirt.

  10. This is a real piece of art. Any idea what issue it came from? It was probably 'Dynamite' magazine, put out by scholastic, the book fair people. Love the font on the header.

    I was 8 in 1983, and I seeing this page scratches a deep place in my brain...I must have seen this before. Thank you for sharing.