Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do YOU think?

I just talked to, his Holiness, Bishop Kyle of Centauri . He's going to write down some thoughts on Horizons to share with the rest of us. This gets me thinking so stick with me here 'cause the PBR is taking effect.

Someday all of us Horizons fans will be dead. There will be no one alive who actually experienced this amazing piece of future optimism. Chief and I will be in Hell, with a few of you, and the world will be void of any single person that can pass on what it was really like.

Blogspot will probably be around OR Islamic Scholars, Jewish Scholars, the Vatican, Universities world wide, or some poor "future dork" in his mom's basement will keep Mesa Verde Times on record well into the future.

So........if this blog is to serve as a time capsule for Horizons, we need your input. You found us for a reason so let's get down to the business of spilling your memories and thoughts for future generations.

Anything goes. Unedited. This is important.


  1. Ah you're worrying for nothing. Rebuilding Horizons is #2 on my list of things to do once I'm an eccentric rich philanthropist (after rebuilding the Titanic).

  2. Screw the Titanic. Horizons is the number-one priority.