Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm not a big fan of painted flats unless we're talking about Mr Toad's Wild Ride (RIP but you'll see plenty of it on Pirates of the Magic Kingdom).

I thought this Robida scene was somewhat cool though and it did have some neat effects. The music was nothing short of dreamy as well. Let's take a look.

Here's a puzzling scene! This must be where rich old men take their hot young girlfriends for a ride on a blimp! The sequence seems to go: hot girl, old man, hot girl, old man etc.

With a random old bag thrown in to keep this a family attraction.
I saw plenty of pics around of the girl with the huge.....well I'll just say it...CANS!HUGE CANS, folks. I think every Horizons dork from here to Cleveland tried to get a shot of her (I have 47)! If that old man stops walking she'll run him through! Awesome.

Behind the scenes magic. She's in this too. What a coincidence!


  1. So there I was, looking at these cool pictures while wondering what Hoot's title "Robida" referred to. So I turned to this new thing called "the internets" and a few magical keystrokes later was learning all about Albert Robida: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Robida

    Sounds like a very cool dude who would have fully appreciated all things Horizons. He might even have been awarded the Minister of Space Travel Affairs title instead of me but hey, sucks to be Albert because he's dead - so I got the title.

    So, read up on old Albert like I did. Horizons educated my ass today.

  2. No, Eric, Robida would have been minister of blimps amd girls who like old men.

    He is dead so he LOSES!

    I need an educated ass:)

    Jay and silent Bob had no use for the internets

  3. Nice... I kept forgetting about this scene, and I kinda wondered how they kept showin' up.

    Long time reader and fan, first time reply. \o/

  4. Thanks Iced Stitch! Feel free to comment whenever you like. You might even end up drunk with us and holding some artifact from this great ride!

  5. Howdy fellas! Sorry, I've been MIA

    I've always loved this scene, specifically for "Cans McGee." I always wondered how she was approved.