Saturday, August 14, 2010

From the MVT mailbag....

This is awesome. It's the FIRST email we've been sent telling about how someone else enjoyed jumping out of a Horizons ride vehicle.

Caroline Hood writes:

It was bound to happen, two bored teenage girls with an Epcot fetish getting stuck on Horizons. I mean it broke down enough in those days, I'd have to guess this was around 1996 or so. Back in the days before the mess that is Mission: Space happened. It was early fall, I'd guess to say about 8pm or so when we where in the middle of enjoying Horizons when the inevitable happened, that fateful E-Stop on the ride. We walked right on the ride, No line and I was fairly sure there couldn't have been more then 25 people total in that entire building. So naturally after sitting for about ten minutes before the bright idea dawned upon on fearless heads, we looked about and saw empty cars so naturally we slipped right out of the car and onto the platform.
Not nearly as brave as Hoot and Company, we only prowled around for about ten minutes before the "Oh SHIT!" moment when the ride restarted. Now there is a drop in Sea Base, we ducked behind the very first surface we saw that could hide to small teens. Slinking around on our bellies in the dust, we peeked around corners wondering what the hell we'd gotten into. After doing our best Bond impressions from spot to spot we began to get highly paranoid, surely the Disney Gods where going to smite us on high for this. Waiting for another dead spot to launch ourselves back into space (or sea) now to two girls this was a task of not only aim but timing a moving ride..
Not even a minute after we managed to scramble back into an empty car without being see, the damned ride E-stopped again!
Go figure.
After a few minutes, I suppose they really did break it this time as the announcement for evacuation came on. After hearing people passing behind our car on their way out from the ride we once again slide over the side and clamly walked right out with the rest of the few souls on Horizons that fateful night without anyone but us knowing what we'd just accomplished.
Oh the good times we had, I just wish we'd had a camera!

Carrie, we'd like to present you with the "Mesa Verde Times Lifetime Achievement Award". This is one bad ass story and you deserve it. Bishop Kyle will bless you at the next get together.


  1. Damn. Asians apparently love Horizons.

  2. Whoa, I'm Asian? I thought I was a bad dream between Irish and Italian which got drunk and barfed into the collective gene pool?

    Oh wait, that's my parents.

    ....everyone loves Horizons, if they haven't admitted it yet they have denial issues. Silly people.

  3. ^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!............................................................

  4. In reference to the spam my friend.

  5. Random thought: I think the MVT Mailbag should be called the "MVT Chickenbag" in honor of one of my favorite Hoot quotes ever.