Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Little Mermaid

Hey it's Ariel! Even better, it's Spike Tripper but he's just as cute. Spike was interested in seeing the ocean floor so we took him there. Watch out for those tube worms!

As you see it was hard to quickly navigate the rock work and it was dark.

This vacuum cleaner thing works it's way across the bottom collecting little loaves of....something. Seaweed? It doesn't look like kelp but it must be important.

When I was kid we had a thing that looked like that in our pool. It did a great job of clearing our swimming space of loaves of seaweed.


  1. It's a great source of energy, that's what it's collecting!

  2. I just want to make sure you guys see this:

  3. It's collecting all the double cheeseburger wrappers you and Chief threw down there over the years. The double cheeseburger - a great source of energy.

  4. 好的部落格就要和好朋友分享--感謝分享..................................................

  5. These are, in fact, manganese nodules, which I thought were a load of Disney futuro-trippy nonsense until I learnt about them in a marine science course a few years ago.

    Even I was surprised they were composed of Actual Science. Man, old skool EPCOT ruled...

    More info: