Sunday, September 15, 2013

You need this as bad as we do!

Here it is, folks, the complete Hoot and Chief adventure series in beautiful full color! More "backstage" Disney magic than should be humanly possible! We need to raise funds to get this printed and once we do we'll release not only the hard copy comic book but the e-book as well! Issue #1 is going to be limited to 500 copies, each signed by Hoot, Chief, Ward Dizzley, and cartoon king World Famous Dave Ensign! Reserve yours today and sleep well tonight knowing you helped a couple of adventurers tell their tales.


  1. I was definitely going to follow this blog and subscribe your YouTube channel because of my interest in extinct Disney attractions, until a found a really racist comment left by you guys on a video. Sigh. Sorry, but I can't support ignorance.

  2. Racist?! Impossible! Sir, you certainly DO NOT have to follow our blog but you certainly DO need to go fuck yourself.

    -Your pal, Hoot Gibson

  3. Oh damn! I'm bummed as hell that I missed this. I would have funded the shit out of it (if you consider $25 funding the shit out of something). Anyway, where can I buy my copy?