Saturday, September 14, 2013

Newly Captured Audio

Hey everybody! Chief and I have a Sound Cloud page where you'll be assaulted with hours of audio that we recorded in Horizons etc. Here's the latest:

This is a big one. We were into capturing long loops of various scenes by dropping our tape recorder off on the ground under the ride vehicles. We'd come back later and retrieve it. This clip, for example, would be like what you would hear if you fell out of the ride vehicle and broke both your legs. You'd pretty much lay there listening to this loop until you bled out and went to Jesus.

Things to listen for in this clip:

00:00 we run our mouths about where to leave the recorder.
01:08 Chief lays it on the ground
08:29 Breakdown spiel
19:07 We retrieve the recorder

we then ride to the "Choose Your Tomorrow" Star Field and leave the recorder again until it runs out.