Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last of the Lost

Horizons fans, it looks like this is our last clip.

By this point we knew enough about what we were doing to concentrate on our list of things to document. Chief and I would come up with a rough plan for the night and then work on getting what we wanted. You can see this in the part where I run up the stairs to the lady in the bathtub. I photograph a whole body shot of her and then I get a shot of her pink shoes. Both shots listed on the "to do" list. The same list I had just stared at for 9 hours during my mind numbing desk job.


  1. Thank you both for inviting us on this adventure. It's kind of sad to think we won't see any new Horizons footage again, but it's been amazing to watch your exploits on film. Even if it is the last clip I hope it's not the last story.

  2. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how you Snap Quality Photos during a moving ride.

    Excellent Sendoff at the end!

  3. So is that really the last of it? No more pictures, or anything? I thought you said there was at least one more Hoot and Chief Action Comics coming.

  4. Check out my post on my Horizons space kids outfit i have in my collection -

  5. "Horizons fans, it looks like this is our last clip."

    No, no, no. I choose to believe that another tape will turn up someday in the bottom of a box marked Hamdingers.

  6. i may be turning 44 tomorrow, but this still makes me want to cry like a 10 year old. :(

    i miss you horizons, but thank you for all the amazing adventures! you were one of a kind. and thank you my best pal hoot, we have truly had some fun times, and i hope we get to have some more. ;)

  7. Sadly, things do always come to an end but this has been an amazing collection you guys have shared with us so thank you. Chief, in a way, the conversation you have with the CMs at the end of this video is kind of fitting. It's almost like a bit of closure about the inevitability of Horizons closing and at the same time finding a little bit of excitement about test track. Please keep this blog going as a place we can all periodically check in. It's really been a great couple years reading and seeing all this stuff.


  8. "Oh, it went by so quickly."

    "Yes, but one of the nice things about traveling into the future is that the journey's just beginning."

    Forget the future for a minute, I want to go BACK and see that again...and again...

    Thanks for a great ride, y'all. Post whatever else you can, even if it's not video, then get to work over at the River of Time! Arriba! Andele'!

  9. C'mon Everybody, Sing Along!

    We'll meet again
    Don't know where
    Don't know when.
    But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.

  10. That last door that's seen before you get to the unload area (the one behind the cars during the choose your tomorrow finally) leads directly in to "the future from the 50s" scene. A bit far out, dontcha think?

  11. This is the best thing that ever happened on the internet.

  12. Just in time for the Epcot Anniversary:

    "Disney to Horizons Fans: We Haven't Forgotten!"

    In celebration of Epcot's 30th anniversary, the Ride's Main Track, also known as the "Orange Team" or "Orange Track" Will be running an entirely different Program. Guests will have their choice of 3 Familiar Adventures, Space, Sea and Land Based on a Tallied Vote in Each Ride Vehicle.

    Utilizing the original Horizon's "Choose your ending" films, The Ride Vehicles will move accordingly, Providing guests a chance to test out the ISTC's New Ship, The X-3.

    (if only it were true)

  13. You guys rock! And you also had the biggest set to get out and run around Horizons like that. Thanks for the memories...

  14. Hoot and Chief…thank you. Your exploits has helped me get through the day at my “boring desk job”. Please post more stories. I need more to fill my day. What did you do during your 8+ hours in the ride? Did you get caught or seen more than once? Love the cartoon too.

  15. I hate to spam, but please email me about the Redhead from Horizon, Corine Cook. She is my mother, and you interviewed the wrong person 2 years ago when you updated your blog "The Red Head-Final". She is being portrayed incorrectly in your blog, and I would love to give you a way to reach the real Corine Cook!

    1. Neat, Try Sending them an Email @: That's probably the direct way to get in touch with them

  16. So many years later, and people are still finding this rare treasure. This is what the net is all about. Thank you for celebrating the thrill of the ride, thrill of the park, thrill of the adventure. Thanks for posting your wild and crazy adventures.

  17. Thank you for everything Hoot & Chief! I am legally blind, and remember going on Horizons as a child. I didn't understand the significance of its closing until recently, as I mainly missed the original JII, Cronkite's SSE, TLS, WoM, and the awesome original Energy. Wow, that list is long.

    I used to go to Disney every year as a kid. Now, there's just no reason to go anymore. I tried to enjoy the new Imagination, but it scared my Guide Dog, Chandler, and it was so watered down it made me sick. No Dreamfinder or anything! Disney has destroyed almost everything good they've ever created, including Tapestry of Nations. The company has lost its soul and any sense of its responsibility to humanity. Disney and its executives and shareholders deserve to go bankrupt and lose everything.

    How I wish there was at least a DigiBeta video of Horizons! But at least there's something. And with your photos, and Chris' Horizons Resurrected, and of course the wonderful maintenance manual, which is almost detailed enough to rebuild the entire attraction from scratch ... wow. I bet anything Horizons could be rebuilt by someone other than the Disney Company. And I dare Disney to sue anyone for copyright infringement. I would testify against Disney and bring the jury to tears with the story of how they've crushed my childhood memories.

    Your photos and videos help me to see this ride at a level of detail I couldn't even if it were still there. But how I wish it were still there. And all the rumors out there about sinkholes and structural problems ... not one piece of evidence exists to back any of it up.

    Horizons should have gone to a museum, not a landfill! It's not about whether we will have loranges, or the decor in the futuristic home, or whether people will wear uniform vests everywhere or not. It's about the work of art, of ingenious engineering that Horizons was. And it's about hope and dreams. Please keep our hopes and dreams of Horizons alive. Please keep posting about Horizons. Even if it's "the same recycled material" in different words. I want to hear more of your stories. There must be more. There should be a really great web site for Horizons that has peoples' stories organized, all the audio and video out there, the simulation, the manuals, and everything. Humanity can't afford to lose this treasure. We just can't let humanity forget that "if we can dream it, we can do it!"

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  19. I waited to watch the final video on my 56th birthday - which is today. Count me in as one of the unfortunate few who didn't get to experience Horizons first hand as going to WDW wasn't much of a priority for me until a friend dragged me along in 2001 - I've been there 4 times since and planning another trip in January.

    I know it's been said before but I'm going to say it again that what the two of you did is really incredible. I can only imagine the hundreds of pictures you took of the smallest detail which remain unseen by readers of this blog. Since I found the blog I've spent the last month as you advised - starting at the beginning and going slowly through each post. I did most of the viewing during my work hours which some my consider a waste of my employers time but screw the haters.

    Not that 'pulling back the curtain' ruined anything for me but it certainly was a revelation on how Disney used to do things and how things are done now. That is the part that I found most disturbing. I wish I could have witnessed the genesis of EPCOT but that certainly would have been bittersweet as you have detailed.

    I've yet to watch any other videos of Horizons but plan on at least checking out Martin Smith's production.

    I want to thank you for countless hours of entertainment. My co-workers must have thought I was going a little kooky when I was constantly laughing out loud at the happenings your recorded. While others were checking out the Utilidors both of you were getting the real deal at Horizons.

    I only wish I had been able to see you other defunct blogs - River of Time and Fresh Roasted Corn but I recently subscribed to Hoot's page on Facebook to keep up with your continued exploits.

    This blog has become like a religion to me so therefore I am going to address you now as Reverend Hoot Gibson and Brother Chief. No disrespect to anyone but you've certainly earned it! I have now been baptized in the land, sky and sea that makes up Horizons.

    All I have to do to is check on the Mesa Verde Times to keep the fix up.

    Now to find the Lorange scent that I have only imagined while reading this blog. Thank you for sharing the experience.