Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Time We Were Chased Part Two

The exciting conclusion of "Hoot and Chief True Life Adventure Comics"!

The Time We Were Chased Part Two.

Our heroes are in a tricky spot! They're being pursued by some mean people and need to get their stuff and get out!

It was worth a try. At least we could get our video cameras.

We were ready to go.

We were only 10 cars behind our pursuers!

We waited and waited for Mesa verde.

Finally we had passed the Harvester scene and could hear the sounds of the Kitchen. Time to go.

We made a break for the secret cave to the left of the cat and fish vignette. The following is a map of where our hide out was (base camp), just below the kitchen and ride vehicles.

We were reunited with our electronic devices!

We decided to crawl to the Harvester scene and check out the ride's status. We went between the background painting and the model groves.


They had given up the chase! They couldn't find us and gave the go ahead to let people ride! There was one more problem.

Chief was all for it. We were pretty sure that the guests who were about to plainly see us wouldn't know what was going on and even if they did tell, we'd be half way home by the time anyone responded.

So we did it. Nothing to worry about, folks!

We weren't out of the woods yet.

That might seem pretty stupid but it's all we had. So we did it!

At unload there were 3 or 4 employees. No maintenance man. The employees gave us looks like they suspected we were the ones behind the mischief. The girl snickered when she told us to have a good night.

FUCK! IT WORKED!!! A couple of people tried to tell on us but we just kept on walking.

We simply blended into the crowd and left the park. We went straight home and drank beer with Sunnycide and watched our evenings video offerings.

-The End


  1. I guess you guys went into Horizons one way and came out another.

    Wow, there are so many layers to that onion.

    Great comic!

  2. Yep! Make no mistake, if Chief and I were gay I'd have married that bitch 23 years ago! No doubt about it.

  3. Just great. Well told. Love every inch of it. Great story. I am SHOCKED that you were able to go back. I would have ben way to afraid of getting caught. Truly you both have balls of brass.

  4. Hilarious and awesome story! Could you imagine what would happen if Disney new someone was hiding in a ride today? They'd have to shut down the entire park. Keep up the great work guys.

  5. This could only have happened before 9/11.

  6. @destino: this definitely calmed us down a bit, we were extra nervous each trip after this, making sure to check around every corner, be extra quiet, etc... but we continued to go back, up until the very last day. we were there on Horizons final night, and jumped off that very night in every scene, it was more about fun the last night though, not getting pictures, for instance i kissed every animatronic (that i could get to) goodbye. :(

  7. @anonymous & thosemccombs: i totally agree, these type of antics would be very difficult to get away with this 'day and age'. but i am glad that Hoot and I were around at the right place and right time that we were able to get away with this stuff.

    of course i am not saying everyone shouldve done this stuff, i know there are alot of people who are not cool with what we did, and thats fine. but for Hoot and I, it was a great time period. :)

  8. The best panel is the one in which you are walking from the building. Classic. What would scare most off only inspired you to keep going.

  9. This is some genius level shit you guys. Funny as hell and drawn perfectly. Hoot, you're wrong - you are a hell of a cartoonist, and that's from a guy who had a cartoon strip (very minor) in a little paper some years ago. This little adventure story is funnier than mine ever were.

  10. So I just showed my wife the entire cartoon saga and she found it quite amusing. When she read the last caption she asked "who's Sunnycide?" I explained and she asked if there were any pictures of her, so I found the ones from some months back. My wife remarked "She's way hotter than the redhead" (referring to the "hot redhead" line in the cartoon several panels above). Just thought Sunnycide ought to know she's got the Horizons chick beat - you know, in case there was any jealousy there from you spending so much time in that place.

  11. Eric_W, Sunnycide is the ultimate. I was in High School (and a dork) when Horizons opened and I was in love with the Red Head animatronic so I post about her because most dudes feel the same way.

    I met Sunnycide in 1987. She was a total bad ass! She had this crazy blonde hair, torn fishnets, Doc Martin boots, red lipstick, (see Tracy Lords in "Crybaby") and a leather jacket. She curled her hair with a switchblade and drank Ginn and tonics in class.

    I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE crush on her and even though she liked me, she married some douche:( I never wore my heart on my sleeve, like, getting fucked up haircuts and that shit so I figured I'd lost her for good.

    Five years went by and we met up again. THE BEST time of my life was when she said she'd always loved me. WHAT!!!?? I couldn't believe it but it was true from that moment and it's that way, well, right now:)

    We had a son together and he doesn't give a shit about Disney parks! He reads this blog but he doesn't know or care about Horizons. I don't care if he does. His mind is on other things like Legos and Mario Bros.

    So, there's not one day that goes that I don't feel incredibly lucky to be with her. Not one. She supported Chief and I and our mania and even helped us on a few missions.

    She's always had the Horizons chick beat and she's ALWAYS known that:)

  12. Sunnycide sez...
    Hoot is my knight in shining armour...
    My soulmate...
    My baby daddy...
    and the single most amazing person on this crazy rock called earth...
    Never ever a dull moment and I would have it no other way. The Gods smiled on me the day our paths crossed.
    Why I even worked a few invisibility spells for him and Chief in their scientific expeditions to protect them from fat lazy security guards and random door alarms. Seems to have worked...

    Best Regards Horizons geeks!!!
    Sunnycide Gibson

  13. Excellent story Hoot. Sounds like you two were always meant to be. And man - even the mysterious Sunnycide (I love the dual meaning of that name by the way) makes an appearance here! Buddy it sounds like you've got yourself quite a gal there.

    I most definitely agree with this statement:

    "...I was in love with the Red Head animatronic so I post about her because most dudes feel the same way."

    Note from my profile pic that I married a cute redhead. That first year we were married ('87) and going through Horizons all those times - well, you know, mayyyyybe I might have asked her to fix her hair this way or that and mayyyyybe it just happened to end up looking like the animatronic redhead. Pure coincidence I swear.

  14. That ROCKS! What about the teenagers making out in the ride vehicles?

  15. I knew a couple of gay guys that used to be cast members, they said they got it on in the top of Spaceship Earth. No footage though.

  16. Having intercourse on top of Space Ship Earth with no camera is like showing up at the "P" House with no pelvis.

  17. Pathetic and unsafe behavior by two obvious losers.
    Had I caught you I would have kicked your sad, sorry butts long before any cast members could have had you arrested.
    Go hang out at 6 Flags where losers belong.

  18. Dang "Anonymous"! Someone needs a nap with their blankie and binky to get all those grumpy-wumpies out of their head.

  19. Hehehe. That's great, anonymous (anonymous = pussy btw). You wouldn't have done anything of the sort. Yep, Six Flags. Sure.

    Go to bed "RP".

  20. That. was. FRAKKIN' AWESOME! I know a lot of anhedonic Disney people will grumble that what you did was Very Irresponsible and You Could Have Put Someone's Eye Out and all that crap, but as far as I'm concerned y'all are heroes! Disney should be flattered that someone loved one of their attractions enough to do this; I guarantee no one's itching to get off and explore Mission:Space or Journey Into Imagination With Dr. Nigel Frakking Channing.

    EPCOT Center forever!

  21. Haha, it blows me away that you guys knew the ride well enough to be able to hide inside from people who actually worked in maintaining it! Every bit of this was like a zany sitcom adventure, up to and including your absurd plan to be fake-gay at the exit.

    If I was ever on a ride and saw someone crawl out of the scenery into a ride vehicle, it would make my day and I would totally follow them out of the ride and start interrogating them about how they managed it.

    PS: I got home for Christmas vacation today, and tried to tell my mom (a big Disney parks fanatic) about your antics. She was horrified in an appropriately mom-like way. Oh well - I think it's pretty amazing what you could pull off.

  22. -Best comic I've ever read!

    -All guys can agree, if we had the balls to explore like this, AND have a gal like that.. "extended stay" would definitely be in order!

    -You guys were crazy lucky to not get hurt, and I for one appreciate the risk and sharing!