Sunday, October 25, 2009

The holograms, Jim.


  1. That's hilarious when read in Shatner-ese.

  2. Hey Hoot:

    The Omnimax section had the vehicles suspended over the scenes by many, many feet (I think) do you have any pictures looking up at the underside of the vehicles?

  3. @SGH: actually, there was a floor underneath the cars for the entire ride. I dont know the actual distance, but it was only inches, I would say no more than 8-12 inches. Check out the video Hoot Almost Dies on our YouTube channel, around the 33 second mark, you can see me walking with the cars, in the little area in between and to the front. You could literally walk the entire ride this way, minus load, unload, and the choose your own future moving projection screens.

    Anyways, we never made it into the Omnimax theater screen floor area. I assume there must have been a way to get down in there, so maintenance or custodial could clean any trash/junk thrown down there by guests.

    If you check out the picture in my old post: you can kind of get an idea of the 'floorway' of the ride path.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for clearing that up. I really am fascinated by your story. I think it would make a good feature film. Perhaps you should pitch it to Disney ;)

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