Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Death of EPCOT Center

Here's an excellent observation from Mesa Verde Times member and chief of all future living religious matters Bishop Kyle.

" I have always wondered at what time WDI 'jumped the shark' and ruined what was the mighty EPCOT Center. Here is written proof, published by Disney, that by the late 80's they were done trying to expand peoples
minds and make them think. The paragraph speaks for itself. Unreal. ("Since the World Began: Walt Disney World")

Pieces of Horizons history like this make it all worth it. Enjoy this small bit I can give to you for all you gave to me."


I've never been a fan of that book or it's author. I think it's a dismal piece of shit. -Hoot


  1. Long live the high brow sophisticated elegance of Horizons!

  2. I have always enjoyed your blog and appreciate your intelligence and passion for the subject.

  3. Well, Jeff, I'm glad you enjoy our blog.

    Thanks for calling us intelligent even though that's not the case. If we were intelligent this blog wouldn't be here.

    I will certainly do a book review now and then for the fans of Mesa Verde Times. I don't like to give many reasons for my analysis, I prefer to shoot from the hip and use curse words.

    Jeff, DUDE, if you ever make a second edition of your Imagineering legends book PLEASE....for god's sake PLEASE don't omit Mary Blair as though she never existed. I mean Jesus Christ, man! Why would you do that?

    Oh, and as a personal favor, would you please admit to the fact that Marc Davis designed the scenes in the World of Motion? Ward Kimbell did very little and was never an imagineer.

    Thanks Jeff!

  4. I agree that, for a variety of reasons, some important Imagineers were left out of "Imagineering Legends." It was felt at the time that given the then-recent publication of John Canemaker's excellent "The Art and Flair of Mary Blair," we could cede some of our precious pages to highlight some lesser-known artists and others.

    I agree with you on Ward Kimball, I felt we spent too many pages and too much attention on someone whose contribution to WED was oblique to say the least. I lost that argument.

    I'm a fairly intelligent and rational guy, and I approach my work with a strong passion and a sense of responsibility. I have written more than thirty books on Disney subjects, and this often involves politic compromise, but I always work diligently to offer an intelligent balance in that action.

    Given the seriousness with which I have always approached my work, and the excellent reputation I have built with Disney aficionados, it actually does cause me concern to read such a harsh comment about me and my work.

    I hope that in the future you accept an invitation to reach out to me and simply ask what the hell I was smoking.

  5. Don't be concerned, Jeff. The world is full of critics and each and every person on the planet has an opinion. They won't always be in ones favor.

    Don't take it too hard because Chief owns almost all of your works:)

    It's the ying and the yang, bro. The ying and the yang.

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  7. A million thanks, Omniluxe. Thank you for gracing our blog with your wonderful knowledge on early WDW. The pleasure is all ours, sir.

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  9. Hmm. Much ado about nothing. Disclosure - I know Jeff well, and share with him that I did not have an opportunity to visit WDW until 1987 or so. But I have a basic taste and respect for what WDW was like as a single-park destination resort through the amazing experience of living at the Poly for three months while I worked as an Imagineer on projects in EPCOT and the Studio. I can't say I was there in the seventies, but I can imagine it, and if I was inclined to write about it I'd have good insight to begin my research.

    What can be said in independent criticism is not the same as what can be said in a corporately produced book. It would be hard to find among my friends a person more aligned than with the perspectives and values I see in the Mesa Verde Times than Jeff. We all know where things have strayed off course, and I feel Jeff was - as much as he could - pointing that out with this paragraph.

    And for the record, the only thing I can remember about those two central semi-circular buildings IS Communicore. Today I walk their lengths and speed through Innoventions scanning for little reminders of the past. Oh, and pretty pictures. (sorry - edited to see if I could make this link work.)

  10. That's cool, Gino. Nice pics btw.

    I still don't like Jeffs books or his writing style though and that's my opinion. I feel there's a better historical account of WDW in the parks first coloring book. That's what I think.

    I don't know who could write a book that would satisfy me. Whoever ever it is better damn well rip off Mike Lee at word for word:)

  11. What's all this seriousness and thoughtful analysis doing on this here blog? According to the popular searches, people come here for only a few reasons: full frontal nudity, red heads, balls, el rio del tiempo, and...The Haunted Sea?

    So let's get back to red headed balls please.