Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoot loses his mind

Hi folks. Before I lose my mind let me welcome all 202 of you to Mesa Verde Times. I hope the people who are new here get a kick out of it and if you have any questions feel free to write to us at To our old pals, there's more to come so stay tuned.

Ok. Time to blow my stack. Remember how I said we'd be posting news articles from 1983 regarding our beloved Horizons? I was digging through our archives today and found this gem.

This article is from the Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 1st 1983 and whatever hack ass wrote it wasn't credited. We already know that Horizons wasn't a "smash" hit when it opened but this clown thinks he's Mr Funny and tries to poke fun at it only to say nice things at the end. A futile attempt at saving his job as King Douche Bag Intern at the Sentinel.

First he fucks up by assuming that GE developed the attraction. "Few visionaries work for corporations". Walt Disney was a visionary you ass clown and he nor his staff worked for GE.

"offers little that is startling" ....REALLY?? I suppose this shit-hook flew to the Sentinel building in his Hover Lift. He even goes as far as to say that if you saw Star Wars you'd have no need for this attraction.

After this initial bashing he comes to his senses and unknowingly writes about the things he was impressed by. You see, he tried to come at Horizons like "Mr Funny of all cynics" but found himself unable to be anything but amazed after all. Here's the rest:

I believe that this shit head was "born again" 1/4 of the way through writing the article! He tried to be negative but the Horizons experience got the better of him! AND then, and then and THEN, at the end he prays for a hopeful tomorrow! He's glad that Horizons didn't show the horrors of future living. My hate for this slime-slit has turned to love because I know that in this ONE article that he ghost wrote in his very short career as a writer, he found himself.

More to come if we can all stomach it.


  1. Another great find!

  2. I love you guys. I really do. But, Jack Welch (GE) did have a little bit of a hand in Horizons.

  3. I didn't know if you guys had seen, but Captain EO is going to be reopening at EPCOT on July 2nd! I just found out this morning, and although not quite an EPCOT original, this is definitely a win for us Disney oldschoolers!

  4. Keep the articles / pics / videos coming.

  5. I promise to read the articles later but for now, I'm just glad to have two brand new phrases to add to my repertoire... "shit-hook" and "slime-slit". Eric gives those 5 out of 5 flav-o-grapes on the "fun shit I learned on MVT" scale.

  6. Well, the statement is stupid on the face of it. Few visionaries work for corporations? I hate to break it to the idiotic writer, but most companies are corporations, and most people have jobs, even visionaries! Most people would determine who was or was not a visionary based on their creative output, and not the number of coworkers they have.

  7. jstone, thanks for link!

    Tim, Captain EO is plenty old school enough for Chief and I. We can't wait to see it. Maybe we should pic a day for anyone who wants to watch it with Hoot and Chief?

    blackno13, will do!

    Eric_w, I was going to go with "ass-cracker" but I didn't want to seem crass.

    V.Anton, Nicely put. A visionary without a job is just a fun homeless person.

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