Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hadley's Hope

MVT Cool People unite!

Friday, May 28th, Chief and I will be enjoying "Hadley's Hope" (the only band endorsed by Mesa Verde Times) live at TASTE!

Info here

If you're within range or you're a millionaire and you feel like flying in from South Africa, we invite you to join us and take in this kick ass band. If we all beg hard enough they might even play their cover of "The Universe of Energy" which is nothing but total bliss.

Reasons for coming if you need reasons:

1. LISTEN to incredible music
2. WATCH Hoot and Chief consume alcohol.
3. SEE our wives join us in our drunken foolishness.
4. AFTER the show join us outside with Kyle and the gang as we chat about nothing but Horizons and EPCOT Center until the wee hours.
5. WITNESS the Incredible instrument known as "Century 3".
6. GAZE upon the only amp in the world with the Horizons logo painted on it!
7. EAT a basket full of huge tater tots!

Leave a comment if you'd like to join us!


  1. Hey guys, you ever going to revisit the Rio Del Tiempo or Pirates Of The Magic Kingdom blogs/stories/pics? Don't know how much behind the scenes ammunition you guys have left for Horizons, but I wouldn't mind seeing some from other attractions too. Especially Mexico, as that ride was dreadfully dull if you ever stayed in the ride vehicle...

  2. ...but there was never a line, which made it very attractive (after a $9 margarita of course).