Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday night was great!

Friday night at TASTE was amazingly fun! We met some kick ass "Last of the Cool People" like Eric_W and Joe. Hadley's Hope rocked as always and we all drank too much. Kyle and I, even though I was pretty smashed, did a duet of "If We Can Dream It...". (Above)

I had a pocketful of gifts, actual film strips of the Red Head girl, that Chief and I handed out.

More pics soon:)


  1. Wow, modern day Hoot revealed!

  2. Hell yeah, Friday night was excellent.

    Not only did Hadley's Hope rock, they even worked retro Epcot tunes into the set!

    Hoot and Chief are just as cool in real life as on the blog.. dare I say cooler.

    Kyle's guitar amp with the Horizons logo is something to behold..
    All in all, a great evening. Looking forward to more Mesa Verde Times... - Joe

  3. Yes it definitely was a great night. "Mrs. Eric_W" and I really got a kick out of meeting the real people behind the greatest blog in the world and we feel like we've made some cool new friends. Even though Horizons is long gone, its legacy is still going strong, bringing people together all these years later. Pretty damned cool I think.

    Also, Joe is very much correct - Kyle's band is freaking great! I didn't really know what to expect going into the night but these guys are honestly really really good.

    And Kyle - you my friend, are one of the most hilariously passionate Horizons lovers that has ever walked this earth. Keep the passion and faith alive bud and the legend of Horizons shall carry into the next generation.

    All in all, it was just a great night and I look forward to the next one. Anyone within several hours of Orlando should make it a point to get yer ass to the next gathering. It's worth it.

    And Hoot & Chief - many thanks for the incredible gifts. They shall be enshrined forever in a special display case I'm building.

  4. Where can I find that Horizons t-shirt?