Saturday, July 14, 2012

Follow us here. This is the second ride through and something VERY important happens. It starts with Chief attaching his huge light to the top of his video camera which is cool in itself. By doing this we decide not to ruin the attraction for other riders so.......the Monolith appears......and we decide to wait for a six car GAP before and after our ride vehicle! So other riders wouldn't see our spotlight! ( :49) THAT, for you new visitors, also meant that WE couldn't be seen which led to us jumping out and the rest is history. 

At 2:11 you can see my audio recorder. The strip of white tape is so I can see to pick it up on my next ride through, Mike Lee style.


  1. I'm so glad you found that VHS. I felt like I discovered MVT late and all the good times had passed me by. So much activity!

  2. I noticed something interesting in this video I've never seen before. Pause at 1:16. On the star to the lower-right of the Man in the Moon's face, something seems to be written. Any idea what that is?