Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bye and Bye

Bye and bye life happened. I never worked at EPCOT CENTER but I went once a week. Around this time my best pal CHIEF called and said that they had closed Horizons. WHAT!!!?? that's right, GE had pulled out, Test Track was on the way next door, and as far as we knew Horizons would never open again. Well, at least I had plenty of video and pics, right? WRONG! I went through my stuff and found that I only had 11 pictures and two crappy videos. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID!!!?? WHY didn't I take more pictures???? These were dark times, folks. I decided to kill myself by drinking bleach. Not really but I WAS sad:( See the little sad face I just made?

Bye and Bye, again, CHIEF called me at work to tell me that Horizons had re-opened but only long enough to handle crowds 'til Test Track opened. YES!!!! Right then and there it was my life's mission to get as many pics and as much video as I could. CHIEF and I took a blood oath that very night under the full moon and with a 12 pack of Busch. But how much time did we have? Test Track was right on schedule (he he)! Our work began and everything else in our lives took the back seat.

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  1. It is kind of funny did the right thing and took tons of photos me and my sister took advantage of the lack of crowds and raced each other from the entrance on to the ride and took advantage of the fact the we had the ride all to ourselves =)