Monday, March 2, 2009

Plant detail

When I rode Horizons I felt like I was looking into a strange world of the future for sure. I'd see little things and wonder, out loud, "Hey! What was that thing???!" I remember asking a Cast member guy what something was once. After an hour of waiting around at Epcot Outreach I gave up. Luckily for you, dear friends, CHIEF and I researched as much as we could and guessed at the rest.

Here's a good example for you. You saw the picture in an earlier post right? WTF is that plant on the table? For that matter why are there no house plants that we recognize back here in the past? Nova Cite was on Earth. I know that for fact. So what happened to our plants? Did the first space colonist bring back invasive vegetation? Were our flowers replaced with giant Venus Fly Traps like in the above pic? How did we get carrots that look like the Michelin Man?

See? These are things I need to know. THEY put them in the ride and I want to know why.


  1. that plant kind of looks like some kind of sea anemone

  2. Maybe the narration at that point has a clue?