Sunday, March 1, 2009

You'll only encourage him!

Egg me on folks! Comment your heads off and share your stories! Don't be shy. "If you can dream it, you can comment on it"!


  1. What...nobody commented on the post encouraging folks to comment? Okay, I'll bite. Not as if anybody will read it and comment, but hey, I like to hear myself type. Click clickity click.

    My buddy Brandon and I loved Horizons. For years we went to EPCOT Center for our birthdays in May. I remember riding one afternoon after getting caught in an August afternoon downpour. Our feet were soaked so we took off our shoes and propped our feet on the doors of the ride vehicle. It seems like the big fish in the kelp (seaweed), KELP had a fan inside it. Either that or it was near there, since you could really feel the breeze in wet socks.


  2. I never got to ride Horizons. I am a bitter and disappointed person as a result. I stumbled onto your blog from the Dark Side of Disney. Just so you know.