Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's hang around...

Let's hang around Nova Cite for a couple more posts since we're already here. Here's a gem! See that white tower? After looking it over we decided it must be some sort control panel for the apartment itself. Maybe f0r light's, AC, music?

In the foreground you see the Hologram table. The call must be over:(

You want a couch like that don't you?


  1. The white tower was part home command center and part TV, as I recall.There were digital readouts on it in various colors and possibly a video was playing on it as well, not sure. I will try and find my old Horizons photos from the early-mid eighties. :)

  2. my mom was obsessed with that couch, and our goal for each ride was to get a photo good enough to please her. she STILL insists that someday she will have the horizons couch.

  3. I have a couch like that in my living room! But nasty crumbs and stuff get stuck in the cracks if you don't vacuum regularly, and stains show up pretty easily on the white. Decided not to let people eat or drink around them. Also don't have a home command center or a hologram, but I guess if I wanted to spend the time and money replacing appliances with smart versions and programmed a monitor for all of that I could get one pretty easily.