Thursday, May 7, 2009


Here's the pic I used for the title of Mesa Verde Times. I didn't put the usual "MESAVERDETIMES.BLOGSPOT.COM" Because this is a sweet wallpaper.

We only add that text to our pics to help people find this blog. Stray images get sent around and we find the lost sheep Horizons fans.

Notice the control room ceiling at the lower left. This was taken from the catwalk.


  1. There must have been a wonderful fragrance of loranges when you took this photo!! :)

  2. Something I've always wondered, in the painting there's a bunch of green squares hovering in the sky above the orchards in the distance; I wonder what those are supposed to be. I also wonder why they have the robot harvesters down there then have to move everything up by elevator to the flying collectors, instead of having the harvesters just drop off loranges in a nearby storage or collection facility or something. Probably overthinking things, in hindsight... or maybe not, since the Imagineers clearly put a TON of effort into every little detail!