Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scent Cannon

It may be messy, but it created one of the things that I think every Horizons fan/rider remembers fondly about the ride, that wonderful orange scent. Here are the remaining three pictures I have of the Horizons Scent Cannon.


  1. The scent manufacturer is 4 miles from my work! I'm going to write them to see if they still manufacture that scent. If they do, I'll have to swing by and get some!

  2. Wow! Why doesn't the "scent" in Soarin' work as well as this hunk o' junk used to?

  3. (I posted this on the Horizons Yahoo group, but wanted to let everyone here know about it, too).

    Hey All,

    Okay, I heard back from the Orange Fragrance company:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your interest in purchasing Orange Scent fragrance #71383. As I mentioned on your voicemail, I will be sending you a current 1 oz. sample of the fragrance for your evaluation. The current price is $16.00/lb. Our minimum order is 25 lbs. Upon receipt of sample and your approval we can go ahead and process your order. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a great day!

    Linda Bukowski

    That's $400 for the 25lbs. I could *maybe* front that much if I knew people would be interested in buying some. Like, I could put some in perfume bottles and sell it.... Or we could do another group buy. I'm thinking if we could get 25 people to pay $16/each (plus taxes, shipping, and PayPal fees) they could each get a pound. That's probably the minimum amount that would be do-able without turning into a logistical nightmare.

    But just think, you could spritz this on your clothes and go around smelling like Horizons all day!!!

    I'll post this over at Mesa Verde Times, too. But let me know what you all think of this idea.


  4. I remember one time the smell was on steroids or something and you could smell it the moment the sliding doors opened and all the way through the ride never mind when you got to the orange scene oh brother. BTW the Al's family farms folks want you to buy them oranges on there banner. That’s rich

    Chief / Hoot you guys ROCK

  5. I'll take a pound of orange, please.


  6. I'll take a pound, too.

  7. They e-mailed me again and said the sample should arrive by the end of next week. I'll report back on whether or not it's the real deal when I receive it.

    If anyone wants to take part in the Group Buy, go ahead and e-mail me at ryan at 37point5 dot com. I'll start making a tentative list.

  8. If possible could either Hoot or Chief send me an email? I have a question.


  9. What memoribilia did you get

  10. I posted last comment but can't figure out how to sign in. My name is Steve and this is awesome. I've often thought about jumping out in various places, mostly Haunted House, but have been too chicken. I did do one of the tours but we only went in tunnels, I can draw a fantastic Mickey though.

  11. Does anyone know exactly how that scent cannon worked?
    I understand the pump and the fan, but what is the air line and that 1 gallon jug used for?

  12. @Jonathan Glover
    The air line would probably mix the aerosoled solution with air before spraying, and the gallon jug possibly was an interim step storing the liquid from the tank, or lubricant for the rest of the machinery?

  13. Also @Ryan Graham, what happened with the scent?