Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uh oh!

There's a group out there that doesn't like us:( They claim we're just "two idiots" that know "nothing about the technical inner workings of Horizons" (one or two worked there as far as I can tell). Maintenance hallway this, tunnel that.............well, how boring can you get!!? They know all of that yet they didn't take any pictures!??? Sucks to be them.

I'm not going to mention the site because I don't want to bore our fine friends of Mesa Verde Times.

Don't hate.

P.S. Wanna hear about the time we got chased around inside the attraction and out-foxed everyone involved?


  1. If they don't like it...DON'T READ IT! Keep up the good work guys and PLEASE keep sharing your memories of this amazing attraction.

  2. Don't let the haters get y'all down; the Internet is full of 'em.

    Getting chased through the bowels of Horizons sounds like an interesting story; please tell it!

  3. Work the haters into the story. Like if there's a part where a Horizons cast member is chasing you then falls down the stairs, that one will be "Larry" the hater. And if another one gets stuck in your duct tape catwalk trap, that one will be "Morris" the hater. Pretty soon you'll have taught them to be nice.

  4. Unrelated, but don't know where else to ask: how do you email the authors of this blog? I expected to find an email link somewhere, but so far, nothing--not even in their profiles.

  5. This site is FANTASTIC!!
    An instant Horizon legend.
    Thanks for all your heroic hard work.

    And if people dont like your site they should just go away and find something else to complain about elsewhere.

    Now... Lets hear that chase story:-) Awesome!!

  6. Do not worry, there are true fans of your blog. Hope you two can join us, the Horizons Tribute.

  7. This is a good start guys. I've been a fan of Horizons since I was a little girl back in the '80s. I always loved the smell of oranges!

    Here are some other good Horizons sites if you need more references.


  8. how could anyone hate such a good blog like this? ^.^

  9. G7, I just setup an email account on gmail for us:

  10. You have way more fans than the idiot haters. Keep up the fantastic work!