Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Video Test

Well, here we go folks, I am getting our YouTube channel setup to start posting some videos of our amazing adventures. :)

I do want to say a few things first though. I may be a programmer, but I am certainly no video expert, so hopefully the quality isnt too bad for some of you more picky folks out there. :) Here is the process we are using so far:

  1. Original media (VHS/Super 8) is transferred to DVD using Hoot's Tape-to-DVD box
  2. DVD Shrink 3.2 is used to frame grab what I want off the DVD, output is VOB
  3. WinFF (ffmpeg) is used to convert the VOB files into WMV clips
  4. Windows Movie Maker (on Vista) is used to make the final combined WMV file
  5. Then I upload the final WMV to YouTube

So far it seems to work ok, I am still playing around with a few settings here and there to see what I get. If anyone out there *cough*Martin Smith*cough* has any suggestions or tips I am all ears. And I know, the one and only video I have up on the channel right now is not an in-ride video, those are coming very soon, this first video was just my first test.

UPDATE: Well I have now found and tried a different tool, and so far I like it: Avidemux. I have uploaded to YouTube the same nighttime clip now made thru Avidemux, with the audio now mixed to mono. Check it out on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/MesaVerdeVideos


  1. Exciting stuff! I think this is an appropriate establishing shot before the madness inside begins.

  2. I guess you have my email from my Horizons tribute - drop me a line if you like and we`ll see if we can make the conversion process quicker and easier (and possibly better quality)


  3. Great Job Chief! ...Sounds like the two of you was having a fun...how many times did you say "damn"? hee hee... Looking forward to more video... :)

  4. Great video! Looking forward to the rest. Audio only coming through on the left channel - I guess might want to mix to mono if it was recorded that way.

  5. Yeah Rainie, I am quite embarassed when I watch these old videos again, hearing myself and some of the idiotic things I say. :(

    I wish there was a way to just remove our voices from the videos and leave just the ride audio, but oh well. And Jason, I cant seem to find any way to get it to mix to mono in Windows Movie Maker. Or I am wondering if there is a different setting I need to try in ffmpeg as its converting VOB -> WMV.

  6. Chief...You can't do that...Thats the best part...and NO you don't sound idiotic...Leave the voices...:)


  8. I am just checking in to say there are still diehard fans of Horizons! I started from the beginning and am making my way through your blog, and man it's taking me back down memory lane. I am younger than you, so my memories are from being a kid on this ride, but it was one of my favorites. I always dreamed of getting off the ride vehicle and being able to walk around the sets, and you guys actually did it! So cool. And I am amazed at some of the details included that would never be noticed because of their placement, yet they were still there.....that shows true love went into making this ride. I am sure the original creators would appreciate your blog because it showcases so many things that were missed by simply riding through the normal ride. This gives me a deeper love for this ride and makes me truly sad that I will never see any of it again.

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