Monday, September 7, 2009

A special treat....

One of our fans known only as "Sweet C" sent us these mouth watering pics! "Sweet C" says "I'd like them to be preserved on your blog along with your amazing material". Our pleasure!

The chicks turbin from the Sea Castle Restaurant scene!

Could this be the smoking jacket of Mr Easy Living himself?! I'm getting dizzy!

I can't breath......... a kid sized wet suit! My guess is that it belonged to the little girl whos hands where on her lap. (hence the holes)

THE BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GD BOOOOOOOT!

Jules Verne's jacket! I need oxygen and quick!

A white boot! Who did it belong to?? Mom in the shuttle scene? A member of "ABBA"?

The Asian girl of Sea Castle?


This is simply amazing! This kick ass patch would have lost forever! Look at it!

The space suit worn by that guy on the grid'm blacking out....

"Sweet C"......a million thanks. You have now earned the Hoot and Chief Achievemnt award. This stuff is just incredible.


  1. I remember seeing all of this stuff in a backroom in a pavilion in future world west...

    I was working and couldn't take any of it - next time i was there, the room was locked...

    I totally forgot about this until now.

  2. I really hope this stuff is all safe in someone's personal collection, and not rotting in the bottom of some dump in florida.

  3. Wow! I always wanted that space suit. I am glad someone saved it. It looks a lot smaller in the picture than it did on the ride. Forced perspective strikes again.

  4. Whoah! Where are these located? Someone should really get a detailed shot of the patch and make repros.

  5. Eric, you're not far off. A lot of stuff ends up (or used to anyway; probably less these days with MouseSurplus) in Disney's landfill (northwest of the Grand Floridian as I recall; been there, smelled it). Some day in the distant future, it's going to make an interesting and truly bizarre archeological site. :)

    I'm glad to see that these artifacts were spared from the landfill!

  6. Jesus Christ learn how to spell.

  7. Anonymous, I'll teach your mother to spell words that rhyme with "sick" and "halls".

  8. I think the yellow scuba suit belonged to the black kid with the sweet fro. Check out your picture from April 20th. I bet the holes were for rods that supported the dive helmet on his lap. Very tasty photos indeed.

  9. Nice call Eric W! I'll bet you're right. You're also right about that kid's sweet fro.