Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey, Horizons fans! Sorry for the slow down, Chief and I were working out the details on what will be our masterpiece blog "Pirates of the Magic Kingdom". Here you'll be able to follow our COMPLETE series of adventures ranging from July 1986 to the present. The people we've met, the things we've seen, the rides we've found ourselves in..........

"El Rio Del Tiempo" deserves it's own blog so we've made that too.

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  1. I just now became an official cool person, but I've been following and loving this blog for about a week, and I need to tell you guys that you're totally my heroes. I haven't been to EPCOT in more than a decade, but Horizons has stuck with me more than anything else, and I remember being a little kid and wanting more than anything to clamber out of that omnimover car and LIVE there. It was so real to me, and I was dying to get in there, push buttons, take the little sub for a spin. Thank you for doing what you did. Seeing the plywood and duct tape behind the scenes has not diminished the magic of the place in my memories.

    I also wanted to throw an idea at you, especially CHIEF being a programmer and in the engineering industry...has anyone considered re-creating defunct rides like Horizons in the form of a map for a modern game engine like Source? I know nothing about making game maps, I don't know if it's feasable to do the original justice, but I figure the design aspect is already done...a quick Google search even yielded a (lousy, lo-res) blueprint of the place.

    Maybe it's a lame idea, at least for something that still exists in our memories like Horizons, or the Living Seas before Nemo crapped all over it, but then I think about being able to explore the World's Fairs from fifty or a hundred years ago, or Walt Disney's original concept for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, and I get pretty excited.

  2. @Falken111:
    You ask if making maps of rides using gaming software has been done - the answer is yes. There is a virtual ride through the Haunted Mansion which was made using Source (try looking for "Haunted Mansion on Counter Strike:Source" on YouTube. Whoever did the map did a TERRIFIC job, and must have spent a lot of time.
    It should be possible for Horizons - it looks like some people we know have plenty of archive material.

  3. Ok, guys. Check THIS out. Sea Castle, for real.

  4. I was just reading about the seasteaders in Wired. Appearantly the idea of living on the ocean outside the jurisdiction of any government has been tried a few times to varying degrees of the chances of that thing getting off the ground (so to speak) is not great. I wish them the best of luck though. I'd consider such a prospect myself, but I'm not a wealthy Libertarian.

  5. Over at my blog I found some actual resuts from Horizons in terms of Mesa Verde, Sea Castle, & Brava Centauri.

  6. Hoot & Chief - I just found this incredible blog tonight and a large void in my life has now been filled. My wife and I were married in 1987 and promptly moved from Illinois to Florida and purchased WDW FL resident passes. We used to ride Horizons over and over again as it was my favorite - an absolutely inspirational ride experience. The orange scent was like the sweet perfume of an unforgettable old girlfriend that you couldn't keep from going back to again and again.

    One favorite part, for whatever reason, was the animatronic woman who ran the harvester control room - her hips were extra wide. Guess it was from all that birthin' down on the farm of the future.

    Great job with all this. You guys have documented something that really is an important part of history. When the world finally goes to hell and we all nuke each other, we can use your blog as the blueprint to rebuild society in the image of Horizons.

  7. Thanks Eric!

    "The orange scent was like the sweet perfume of an unforgettable old girlfriend that you couldn't keep from going back to again and again."

    I don't think the orange scent was ever described so well. Great!

  8. yeah!! new retro disney related blogs very cool count me in!!