Monday, September 28, 2009

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The Grandparents only really like three people in their extended family. The red head grand daughter, their Captain Nemo son in law, and a baby. Is that Davey who lives in space? Who's kid was that a picture of? Some Imagineer or maybe a bean counter at Disney? Is that child REALLY 27-28 years old now? Why is Hoot Gibson so damned handsome?
No offense to the sculptors at Disney but you have to admit those Animatronic figures look nothing like the actors themselves. Not even the baby, who was a direct copy of the baby in "The Home of Future Living" at the Magic Kingdom. I hate to even question their skills but I'm curious. Would they have to pay the actors more for an exact likeness? Hmmmm...


  1. HAHA! Yes! Billy would have wanted more for his likeness:)

    I have a bottle of "Orange Glow" and I take a whiff every time I post.

    "Lorange Glow" forever!

  2. Hoot - Add a little beard action and a purple unitard and you could BE Captain Nemo, man.

  3. Hey, what is that on the wall right at Hoot's knees?

  4. Abby, I don't know. It looks like some sort of control box for lighting or something.

    Eric_w, I'll get to work right away on my purple unitard.